away from Orlando this season, and Carter looks a little lonely.

away from Orlando this season, and Carter looks a little lonely.
Old Nelson turned around and greeted.
Kukoc, Davis, and Sun Hao came on as substitutes.
Sun Hao is coming!
This shows Nelson’s trust in him.
/Walk to the technical table and wait for the dead ball time.
Sun Hao turned around at this time and saw that the Raptors were also preparing to make substitutions.
Maurice Peterson, Kevin Willis, Dell Curry.
Three people, both Sun Hao knew each other and were relatively familiar with them.
Wesley is definitely one of the most awesome figures in the NBA.
In his peak season, he averaged 20+10 points per game for several consecutive years. In the 1991-92 season, he averaged 18.3 points and 15.5 rebounds per game at his peak.
Of course, this is not the most awesome thing about him. The most awesome thing is that this man was born in 1962 and is now 38 years old.
And he will continue to play until 2007, when he retires at the age of 45.
Well, this is his own example.
Dell Curry is even more familiar.
Old Curry has outstanding strength, and like Mark Jackson, he averages 8+ assists per game.
But what makes him stronger than Mark Jackson is that he has a good son, Stephen Curry.
Curry and his son are considered rare star father and sons in the NBA.
But Dell Curry is also 35 years old at this time.
Although the point guard is an evergreen, his speed and reflexes will decline as he ages, which is also good news for him.
Carter’s offense caused a foul, the game entered a dead ball, and both sides made substitutions one after another.
For the Mavericks, Sun Hao, Davis, and Kukoc came on the court, replacing Nash, Eisley, and Laettner.
For the Raptors, Peterson, Wesley, and Curry came on, replacing Mark Jackson, Collis Williams, and Oakley.
At this moment, bursts of warm cheers erupted from the sidelines.
Sun Hao didn’t react at first. When Kukoc patted him on the shoulder, he looked up and noticed that these cheers were for him.
And he also saw the scene giving him a close-up.
This made him inexplicably moved.
Dallas was an uncomfortable city, but the Mavericks and Mavericks fans made him feel warm.
“This is a historic moment, the Chinese are on the NBA regular season stage!”
In the commentary box, Su Qun, who had been controlling his emotions before, could no longer suppress his emotions at this moment.
The historic moment has arrived!
Sun Hao reached out and applauded in response to the fans.
bring it on!
Carter made both free throws, and the Raptors led 20-18.
Sun Hao advanced to the frontcourt with the ball, but Curry did not defend closely.
As an experienced point guard, he knows his strengths and weaknesses.
Nowitzki took the initiative to move up the high post to provide a pick-and-roll for Sun Hao.
He really spared no effort for his little brother.
Davis was caught off guard, and with the distance gained by retreating, it was too late for him to pounce.
The ball whirled through the air and drew a parabola.
As the fans watched, the