must be a boyfriend!”

must be a boyfriend!”
Li Wei sarcastically pinched him hard in passing.
Zhan Liang suddenly slapped his clothes in disgust, as if something dirty had been stained on his body.
“Stinky girl!”
He growled angrily: “Call him quickly and tell him that the leader of the purchasing team is your neighbor’s uncle. Help him achieve his goal at the minimum cost!”
Li Wei was silent.
“This way your relationship has been eased. His girlfriend won’t be around by then. Find a chance to sleep with him, have a baby, and then we get married.”
Zhan Liang’s breathing became faster and faster, and his eyes became brighter and brighter. Seeing that the people around him were not paying attention, he quickly said:
“When we are done with the house, let’s all play our own things, no one disturbs anyone else!”
Li Wei looked at the funny man in front of him in disbelief, and raised his fist angrily:
/” I’ll beat you to death!”
“I think you’re excited!”
After saying that, Zhan Liang ran away.
Suddenly, the two childhood sweethearts, who had grown up under the same quilt since childhood, began to fight unscrupulously in the private room, not caring about the reproachful, helpless, and angry looks of the elders in the room.
They have always been the third generation that no one cares about. Above them, there is a brother and a sister. If Li Wei hadn’t created the Weiwei Group, their fate might still be unknown. .
The scolding finally sounded. The middle-aged man who went out to make a phone call and came back had a gloomy face and strode into the private room. “You are about to get married, why haven’t you taken it seriously yet?”
Zhan Liang shrugged indifferently. He shrugged and said calmly:
“If Zhao Song agrees to your request, you can all sell the stinky girl. By then, I won’t be able to build a family, right?”
The middle-aged man glanced at his son coldly, There was no reply. He walked back to the main seat and then said gloomily:
“I just received the news:
Lao Song will no longer participate in this joint procurement negotiation task.”
“How could this happen?”
Man Man The house was filled with incredible crowds.
Li Wei and Zhan Liang looked at each other and grinned at the same time.
“These two days…”
The middle-aged man looked around coldly, until the private room was silent, and then continued:
“Jingcheng, Shanghai, Guangdong Province, Guangxi Province, Zhongyuan Province, Dongshan The top leaders of the province, Jinmen, and Beihe Province, especially Beihe Province, went to the ministry in person to inquire, while in other areas they inquired by phone. ”
Everyone in the room was shocked. When they heard the name of the province and city, the middle-aged man’s next words made them even more frightened.
“It’s all from the top!”
The cup fell.
“They asked, if the ministry’s negotiation strategy is followed, can it be ensured that the promised investment by Zhao and Song enterprises in the local area can be successfully impleme