clouds stacked up, waves like peaks, and black storms extending from the sea to the mid-air, stained with darkness. The silvery white lightning tore through everything silently.

It’s like the door to the end has finally been opened.
In the small port town, the void became translucent. Skeletons with their mouths open, vines that highlighted the faces of babies, bloody arms, and grotesquely greasy tentacles with teeth were slapping from the other side. Standing on the gap between illusion and reality, it is thrilling and ferocious.
This frightened many pirates to the point where their legs became weak and they did not dare to stay on the street. They rushed into the nearest houses one after another.
The nearly invisible shadows of resentful souls flew back and forth, flashing from time to time, approaching the ears of different targets, wanting to scream, but unable to reach them.
At this moment, Hakata Port seemed to have fallen into the underworld also known as hell, gloomy, dark, chaotic, and crazy.
Klein frowned slightly, vaguely understanding what happened:
His divination above the gray fog just now angered the things deep in the cold tomb, and it then vented its emotions, changing the weather of the Raging Sea and Hakata Port, creating signs that the underworld was about to come.
“That is to say, that mausoleum is indeed in a hidden place in the violent sea. It is most likely the legacy of the original Death God. Of course, this is not necessarily contradictory to the stage product of the Spiritual Religion’s Artificial Death God plan. The two may be integrated. “Together.” Klein looked away, quickly arranged the ceremony, and sacrificed Azik’s copper whistle above the gray fog to avoid being targeted by the unknown, weird and evil thing.
/After doing all this, he looked out the window at the gradually subduing vision, and smiled to himself:
“Such a welcome ceremony can be said to be very warm.
“Well, the Spirit Religion will definitely notice the abnormal changes in the violent sea. I don’t know what kind of actions they will take.”
On the illusive and dark river, the waves slowly subsided, and the arms, vines, and tentacles that tried to grasp outwards either evaporated completely, or had to retract.
Around the altar, the ground was dry and cracked, and white feathers stained with light butter fell everywhere.
The giant Colin Iliad had inserted the two straight swords in his hands into the body of the former chief at the same time, pinning the rotten monster that was no shorter than him to the collapsed altar. The hunting dragon in Vethilmon’s hand The bow condensed a silver-white light arrow full of violent aura, aiming at the former chief’s head with only a small amount of flesh and blood hanging on it.
The shadow separated by Lovia successfully arrived at the altar under the cover of the silver knight in full armor. When the other two elders were not paying attention, it suddenly jumped up and pounced on the long hair on the former chief’s body that extended to infinity. Illusive clarinet.