, turned around and knocked away the two natural weapons thrown at him with just one palm. This was a mace and a crescent shovel. Both natural weapons had powerful standards. The energy is immense, but what kind of person is Pei Jiao now? He has touched the edge of the Demon King’s rank, and has mastered two or three points of the power of condensation. With a wave of his hand, a layer of silver thunder and lightning has been condensed in his hand, and it is also accompanied by a layer of inclusive aura. As soon as it comes into contact, the condensed The rising silver lightning and the tolerant aura field shattered the standard energy on these two natural weapons with just a single blow.

The reason why the Demon King’s rank ignores any strong person below the Demon King’s rank, or even any number of strong men, is because of its power of cohesion. This is the most basic reason. This alone cuts off the Demon King’s rank. Think about the counterattack of any of the following forces. The scattered forces are condensed into a pure place, and there is also a kind of subtle control. The force it emits does not scatter at all, and you can keenly feel the dispersion in the opponent’s attack force. Point, its weakness, if the opponent does not have the power to condense, I only need half of 10% of the strength to defeat it. This is the great power and great power that you will have immediately after entering the Demon King level!
Although Pei Jiao is not a demon king, he has super terrifying roots. The incomplete memory of his previous life gives him a power similar to the power of concentration. Although he can only exert 20 to 30% of the power, it is not as good as what he has in front of him. What these alien souls can imagine is that he doesn’t even bother to use the unlimited combat system. Facing these weak alien souls in front of him, is there any need for him to use the unlimited combat system? What an international joke.
/Just this moment, these werewolf souls seemed to have discovered something. The demon-level souls didn’t pay too much attention to it, but the four true demon-level souls were so frightened that their hair stood on end. If they have any chills.
As the saying goes, the more you know, the more things you are afraid of. A newborn cow is not afraid of a tiger, and it is just a fool who knows nothing.
As soon as he saw Pei Jiao step into the tent, the elder felt frightened. This was an indescribable feeling, purely a whim, as if the person who stepped into the tent was not a human holy spirit, but a peerless ferocious beast. Generally speaking, it was just that the arrow was already on the string and had to be fired at this moment. They had learned that Pei Jiao would come to the werewolf royal court, and they had already decided to launch a military formation to seal the tent when he stepped into the tent, making it impossible for him to escape, and then subdued him, and even Either destroy it, or force it to sign a soul contract, or refine it into soul essence. The soul essence refined by an advan