ick up the fangs pulled out by the giant snake?

But even so, this guy’s courage is amazing.
It wasn’t that Wei Xiaobei didn’t dare to do this, but it was just a two-star terrifying creature whose fangs were nothing more than a weapon. It was so different from his Long Bo people’s big gun that it was worth it. Wei Xiaobei took risks like this.
But the next moment, Wei Xiaobei’s eyes widened.
The man was holding a pale golden water plant in his left hand, and after a while, a faint fragrance came over.
Smelling this delicate fragrance, Wei Xiaobei couldn’t help but feel refreshed, as if he had just slept.
That pale golden waterweed is definitely a treasure!
At this moment, the dry trees outside the river beach started to move. They pulled out their roots from the ground and slowly moved towards the river beach. Even a few huge dead trees growing in the center of the forest also moved. .
There is no doubt that the fragrance alarmed these tree monsters that seemed to have remained motionless for thousands of years.
In fact, it was not just the tree monster that was alarmed, but also the sound of running in the distance.
Well, the owners of those running sounds are much faster than those tree monsters.
Not long after, a group of huge wild boars with a length of more than five meters, like elephants, appeared in the distance of the river beach. They gathered in a group like galloping horses and rushed towards this side.
There is no doubt that the target of those wild boars is the pale golden waterweed in the man’s hand!
/If he wasn’t worried about accidentally hitting the man and exposing himself, Wei Xiaobei would have really wanted to throw an attribute probe at it to see what kind of treasure it was.
It actually caused these monsters to riot.
Well, Wei Xiaobei finally threw out the attribute detection, and the target was one of the wild boars.
Name: Dangkang.
Race: pig monster.
Sex: Male.
Age: 10 years old.
Creature level: 2-star horror.
(Because there are too many attributes, they will not be described further)
Skills: Furious collision, tough skin and thick flesh.
Evolution points: X (cannot accumulate evolution points)
It is indeed a good thing.
Wei Xiaobei had seen introductions to this kind of monster on the Internet.
In ancient times, it was a wild boar that lived in deep valleys. It got its name from its roar.
Of course, the wild boars in ancient times are naturally different from the wild boars today. Their ancestors were born from nature and the earth, and they are called monsters!
The attribute probe thrown by Wei Xiaobei this time did not attract Na Dangkang’s attention.
All these Dangkang rushed towards the man.
On the other hand, the man hurriedly stuffed the pale golden waterweed into a small bag at his waist, and then ran towards Wei Xiaobei.
Maybe the pale golden waterweed is the giant snake’s treasure. Isn’t this man looking for death if he goes into the water again?
Seeing this, Wei Xiaobei couldn’t help but think of a question. Maybe he should develop the skill of swimmi