l, which frightened the crowd.

If those ordinary people hadn’t shown their skills and killed all those little mushrooms, those 100,000 naked lambs might have collapsed and fled.
Fortunately, just when the sky had just turned dark, a string of lights flashed over from the distant sky.
Wei Xiaobei looked at it and saw that it was a group of transport helicopters.
Some of the transport helicopters inside have the logo of Neros, while others have the logos of several other countries.
Obviously, the Niros government spent a lot of money and borrowed some transport helicopters from several other neighboring countries.
Wei Xiaobei then asked Pu Ren to spread the good news to those humans.
Undoubtedly, the news of the arrival of the helicopter team is indeed good news.
Under the guidance of the bonfires lit by ordinary people, thirty-four heavy transport helicopters slowly landed on the ground with a huge whirlwind.
The officer leading the team was Minister of Defense Niros, who brought more than 3,000 military tents, some food and water, and 300 soldiers.
Well, this can’t be too demanding.
/For a small country with a population of no more than five million and which has suffered huge catastrophes, being able to do this in a short period of time is pretty good.
But having said that, after meeting Wei Xiaobei, the Minister of Defense of Niros seemed extremely respectful and said that he would obey Wei Xiaobei’s command in everything.
Although Wei Xiaobei also knew that this was inevitable, he still felt a little bit of vanity in his heart.
Minister of Defense!
Although he is just the defense minister of a small country, it doesn’t feel good to obey his own words.
Anyway, Wei Xiaobei breathed a sigh of relief.
Although there was a lot of food in his storage ring, the quality of the food was so high that Wei Xiaobei was really reluctant to feed it to these Neros people.
Of course, the most important problem here is that there are more than 100,000 people, and the food in the storage ring is not enough to feed them.
Also, there is no tent in the storage ring.
Just look at the rain clouds that are gathering in the sky and you will know that it will probably rain tonight.
Therefore, the more than 3,000 military tents can be regarded as a solution to an urgent need.
This military tent is quite small. One tent can accommodate three people. If it is squeezed in, it can accommodate five to six people.
But even so, this military tent is not enough.
Calculated in this way, more than 3,000 military tents can only provide shelter for less than 20,000 people at most.
As for food and drinking water, according to the minimum limit, it is only enough for a meal of 50,000 people at most.
In view of this problem, Wei Xiaobei immediately asked the Minister of Defense to return with the helicopter team to carry more tents, food, and drinking water.
Regarding this point, there is no need to worry. Thanks to the blessing of modern industrial society, Niros has no shortage of materials in the refuge area where he lives in n