In fact, Wei Xiaobei doesn’t even dare to fight against monsters like White Mist Dragon Horse and Big Tree Spirit now, so you know the value of Zhu Xinyi.

“Let it eat.”
Wei Xiaobei smiled and lay down on the grass.
Seeing that Wei Xiaobei was not angry, Zhu Xinyi breathed a sigh of relief and hurriedly snatched the compressed biscuits out of the green clown’s mouth. She whispered a lesson while helping him unpack it.
However, Zhu Xinyi’s eyes drifted over Wei Xiaobei from time to time. She felt a little strange. Brother Wei seemed to be stronger and taller than before.
But she didn’t dare to ask, but she was a little confused.
/When the green clown faced Wei Xiaobei, he looked quite unafraid of power, but when Zhu Xinyi was nagging him a lesson, he looked as honest as if he had been caught eating a child by a kindergarten teacher.
Wei Xiaobei was lying on the grass at this time, focusing on the attribute panel again. He had not forgotten that his physical strength attribute had only been increased to 15 points. He was stronger and taller, but this was not enough. !
But when Wei Xiaobei focused on his physical strength, he couldn’t help but frown.
The physical strength shows up in red, which means that you are temporarily unable to increase the physical strength to 20 points.
Wei Xiaobei checked the red body’s strength information and roughly understood.
Every time the body’s strength reaches a critical point and all aspects of the body are strengthened on a large scale, in order to ensure the safety of one’s own body, one cannot invest in evolutionary points to strengthen it again in a short period of time.
/This made Wei Xiaobei a little disappointed. He also wanted to see what new abilities would be added after the physical strength increased to 20 points.
That being said, he was quite looking forward to it.
Now that his physical strength cannot be improved, Wei Xiaobei has to turn his attention to other attributes.
Suddenly, Wei Xiaobei hesitated, his attention wandering back and forth between willpower and common sense.
It should be said that from an important extent, willpower is higher than common sense judgment.
Wei Xiaobei knew that in this gray world, there were too many messy things, such as half-evil mermaids, thousand-eyed monsters, etc., coupled with the aura of those powerful monsters, if his willpower was too high If it is low, it will be easy to be intimidated by the opponent, which will greatly reduce the combat effectiveness and eventually the game will be over.
Common sense judgment is the cognition of external things, which uses its own knowledge to analyze and judge the relevant external things.
The higher this attribute is, the easier it is to have a deeper understanding of external things.
Well, this is relatively abstract. To put it simply, a person with high common sense and judgment can easily recognize anything that appears in front of him.
This seems to be a less useful attribute.
At least in Wei Xiaobei’s view, it can basically be equated with the attributes of Charm