When Jerry asked this question, he was thinking that Wei Xiaobei said that mushrooms were too powerful and everyone went back to the island to rest, but what Wei Xiaobei said next made him dumbfounded.
Going to Fairy Tale Port again? Rest in Fairytale Port at night?
Jerry couldn’t help but look up at the sky first. Although the sky was covered with a layer of red mist, it did not affect the transmission of sunlight very much.
It’s just before ten o’clock in the morning, and this Mr. Wei is talking in his sleep?
Are those mushrooms easy to mess with?
But no matter how much Jerry objected in his heart, he couldn’t say it out loud.
Just looking at the remaining tough and strong men, you can tell that Mr. Wei is not an easy talker.
Even if he objects, I’m afraid he will be carried away.
Next, Wei Xiaobei led a hundred people and headed back towards Fairy Tale Port again.
Perhaps it was because Wei Xiaobei escaped too quickly. When Wei Xiaobei saw Fairy Tale Port, there were still many mushrooms slowly returning to Fairy Tale Port.
Seeing those mushrooms, which had been lying on Wei Xiaobei’s shoulder, Xiao Hong, who was a little lazy, suddenly raised his neck, seemed to have some energy, flapped his wings, and then turned into a red light and flew out.
The red light was extremely fast and rushed through a group of mushrooms in the blink of an eye.
At this time, although the mushrooms returning outside Fairy Tale Port were not as numerous as the previous flood, they were still densely packed on the ground.
After the red light passed by, a gap suddenly appeared in the mushroom group. At this time, at least hundreds of mushrooms were swallowed by Xiao Hong.
After Xiao Hong passed by more than ten times, the mushrooms reacted and each one made a sharp cry, trying to attack Xiao Hong in the air.
To be honest, the number of mushrooms outside Fairy Tale Port at this time is at least hundreds of millions!
These densely packed mushrooms were trying to attack Xiaohong, and Wei Xiaobei was a little worried.
I was worried that Xiaohong would be in trouble if she accidentally got blocked by those mushrooms when she passed by the ground.
You know, when there are too many mushrooms, and when the negative status comes up, even you may not be able to resist them.
But Xiao Hong’s speed was indeed very fast. When he passed by the ground so fast, the mushrooms couldn’t react at all and could only roll back and forth on the ground angrily.
But the screams of the mushrooms outside soon attracted the mushrooms in Fairy Tale Port.
boom! Blah blah blah
As the ground shook, Wei Xiaobei looked intently, what a guy! At this time, the mushrooms pouring out of Fairy Tale Port suddenly formed huge balls.
/These spheres were more than thirty meters in diameter, made up of countless mushrooms, and were rolling towards this side.
I have to say that the balls made of these mushrooms still have some uses.
After Xiao Hong saw the mushroom ball, he attracted his attention. With a joyful scream, the red light rushed towards a m