ary commander, Wei Xiaobei couldn’t help but smile.

Just as Army Sima said, the shark monster rushed to the beach and was looking for death!
Everyone knows that no matter how powerful the marine creatures are, they will not be able to resist at all when they come ashore.
Even if it’s the Norwegian sea monster, you want to let it wash up on land?
In reality, there are too many cases of huge whales washing up on the beach and seeking death.
Although the Shark Demon King is a monster, leaving the environment he is familiar with and fighting with an army like Zhao Yunjun is naturally seeking death.
“Ah, by the way, shark fins! Did you leave the shark fins?”
After Wei Xiaobei praised the outstanding performance of the army Sima during his stay, he suddenly thought of this problem.
Although in reality, through various scientific analyses, it has been confirmed that the nutritional value of shark fins is not much higher than that of pig trotters, these are the shark fins of the shark demon in the gray world!
It’s not too bad, right?
“What is shark fin?”
/Upon hearing Wei Xiaobei’s question, the Army Sima looked confused.
Obviously, at the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, eating shark fin was not popular, or in other words, basically no one could eat it.
After all, sharks were not a good thing in ancient times. Some people regarded them as the king of sea dragons, others regarded them as sharks in the sea, and so on.
Eating this thing became popular, probably in the Ming Dynasty. As for earlier times, at least in the late Eastern Han Dynasty, no one ate it.
Therefore, it is normal that this military commander does not know what shark fin is.
When Wei Xiaobei saw this, he understood, so he could only find the cooks directly and ask about them.
Hearing that Wei Xiaobei was looking for the fins on the shark monster, several cooks were a little surprised. The leader among them didn’t know what Wei Xiaobei wanted to do, so he replied cautiously: “My lord, since that thing doesn’t have much meat, it doesn’t have any meat.” Buried.”
Wei Xiaobei found the burial place, dug up the gravel, and breathed a sigh of relief when he smelled the blood. Fortunately, it was not broken.
Then Wei Xiaobei took out all the shark fins from the pit, rinsed them with sea water, and put them into the storage ring.
As expected by Wei Xiaobei, the shark fins of these shark monsters were all excellent ingredients, with the highest quality considered to be immortal and the lowest quality considered to be rare.
What makes Wei Xiaobei happy the most is that these shark monsters are huge, so the weight of the shark fins is also very large. In short, these shark fins are enough for Wei Xiaobei to cook in a short period of time.
“Why did you put that thing away, sir?”
A young cook couldn’t help but murmured when he saw Wei Xiaobei’s behavior.
Wei Xiaobei’s behavior was completely unreasonable in the eyes of the cooks, so he had to put away meatless things? Sentence Yi Congqi Duwei, were you hungry when you were a child?
Wei Xia