iously, this wild wolf had not completely lost its mind. After seeing Wei Xiaobei, its pace slowed down.

Wei Xiaobei had no intention of affecting the wild wolf’s hunting ideas, so he immediately stepped back more than twenty meters and gave up the space to the wild wolf.
/As the wild wolf approached, the rabbits also noticed the approach of the wild wolf, but they remained the same as before. After taking a look at the wild wolf, they ate the young leaves for a while.
If they weren’t afraid of Wei Xiaobei, that was understandable, but if they weren’t afraid of natural enemies like wild wolves, these rabbits would seem a little weird.
Even though the wild wolf rushed up, threw a rabbit to the ground, bit off the rabbit’s throat with one big scarlet mouth, and devoured the rabbit in a few bites, none of the remaining rabbits escaped.
Wei Xiaobei even saw a kind look in the eyes of a rabbit. He looked at the wild wolf as if looking at a junior, without the slightest hint of fear.
What’s going on?
Seeing this strange scene, Wei Xiaobei felt an inexplicable chill in his heart.
The wolf’s appetite is actually not big. Just four rabbits made the wolf’s stomach feel heavy.
Ordinarily, wolves, as long as you don’t hurt them or need to raise young wolves for hunting, usually won’t kill too much. In terms of food conservation, wolves are relatively outstanding among carnivorous creatures.
Therefore, after killing enough prey, wild wolves will not chase those escaping prey.
Each rabbit was bitten on the throat, and the blood mixed with the breath and turned into pink foam that accumulated on the wound.
These rabbits were struggling in pain, getting closer to death little by little. The wild wolf stared at these rabbits with bloody and ferocious eyes, as if this was an exciting game for him.
At this time, the eyes of these rabbits finally showed some fear. They seemed to wake up at this moment, and suddenly found themselves facing death, and their bodies began to struggle.
But this painful struggle is of no use.
When the last rabbit died, Wei Xiaobei’s expression suddenly became a little unpleasant.
It wasn’t that Wei Xiaobei felt pity for the rabbit’s death, but that the wolf was too cruel.
Human corpse!
When Wei Xiaobei saw these rabbits gradually turning into human corpses one by one, he suddenly realized that all the previous mysteries were solved!
I see!
Everything is understood.
It turns out that those who were saved by Anagami Pagoda turned into rabbits!
It’s that simple!
Your sister!
Fortunately, I was not converted.
The hair on Wei Xiaobei’s body stood up involuntarily at the thought of turning into a rabbit and watching the wild wolf eat his body bit by bit with kindness.
/This experience is simply indescribable.
This made Wei Xiaobei’s vigilance towards the Naanagami Pagoda rise to another level.
To be honest, Wei Xiaobei would rather be killed directly than be turned into a little unconscious rabbit lying on the ground eating grass, and eventually be eaten or killed by a wild wolf.
Even if