will never see you again in Xinxing. She actually wants to marry far away. It’s really a pity. It’s a pity for her. It seems that all girls who are called goddesses can’t escape the misfortune of meeting someone.” Shu, what you marry is not a human law, a beauty will have a bad fate.”

When Jing Yue sent some people’s comments to Zhao Qinghan in text form, she was not angry. Instead, she laughed non-stop and forwarded it to Wang Xuan.
“These grape demons have a problem with their own eyes, and they dare to bury me!” Wang Xuan really wanted to educate them.
However, not long after, he himself was robbed inexplicably!
Mechanical Bear asked him if he wanted to go to the moon to dig for ruins together. Although the mother ship was gone, there might still be some things left, even mythical items, etc. That was Wang Xuan’s area of ??expertise.
Not long after, Wang Xuan was bombarded by a battleship in outer space!
With a bang, a dazzling light erupted between the sky and the earth, and some cabins disintegrated and exploded, shocking both the old earth and the new star.
He was actually attacked. At that moment, Wang Xuan’s scalp went numb. The spacecraft was once locked and in danger of capsizing. However, without him using any means, the spacecraft teleported. The performance was terrifying, and a ray of light rubbed against it. The space on the side of the ship flew through.
Not only that, along with the big explosion, a ship hull exploded in the distance, like a meteorite raging, smashing through the earth, causing a devastating wave of light.
That was an enemy ship, but it was destroyed!
The mechanical bear and the silver spaceship were one and the same. While controlling the spacecraft to dodge, he directly launched a counterattack and killed the opponent.
“If you dare to sneak attack a bear, I will kill you.” said the little bear.
Although it was angry, its speech rate remained unchanged and it still spoke in a calm tone, mechanically expressing its dissatisfaction.
Wang Xuan is not a mechanical creature, and his emotions naturally fluctuate. He holds the imperial spear in his hand, ready to activate it at any time to kill the enemy with the imperial treasure.
The peace that has lasted for many years was broken today. Can anyone help it? Naturally, he became murderous because of this!
/“There’s another one. Want to escape? I’ll beat you into scrap metal.” The mechanical bear said in a calm voice and said harsh words. He had already activated the energy shield and was chasing after him at top speed.
Although the silver-white spaceship is small in size, it has been continuously upgraded and integrated with the essence of various mother ships and giant battleships. After multiple reorganizations, it has become a super combat tool.
There was a black warship in the distance. It was huge and as ferocious as a prehistoric beast. It fired energy cannons one after another. When it found that it couldn’t kill the target, it quickly escaped.
“Wang Dixian was attacked by a battleship!” This news, coupled with a p