Killing Way and the Sun Countering Power Way respectively. Taifu created his own skills. Apart from her, only Lu Bei in the world can use them at the same time.

Zhao Shiran didn’t have all the skills and only knew half of them. He couldn’t master them like Lu Bei.
“It’s Tai Tu’s undisclosed secret, tsk tsk, and he said that you two are innocent.” Zhu Xiushi raised his hand to cover his mouth, his eyelashes flashed, as if he had gained both the stolen goods and the stolen goods.
“Don’t do weird things or say weird things with my face.”
Lu Bei spoke quickly, his eyes locked on each big demon: “You don’t need to think too much, my sect leader’s physical body is actually very simple. Just aim at a target and rush towards it.”
“I know this, but your physical shortcomings are obvious. I’m afraid that after a few times of trying your best, you won’t be able to succeed.”
Lu Bei didn’t want to hear a woman comment that he was fast and short, so he interrupted directly.
/“The last time was the last time. I am no longer the same person I was four months ago. Use your magic weapon again.”
Zhu Xiushi was stunned when he heard this. He held the five-colored stone in one hand and put his other hand on Lu Bei’s shoulder, refining the five-colored stone and transforming it into his appearance.
“This is”
With tyrannical strength and unparalleled speed, Lu Bei’s body has undergone earth-shaking changes in less than five months. Zhu Xiushi clenched his fists and clearly felt how terrifying this body was and how difficult it was to control.
“Wait a moment, your physical strength is still there”
Halfway through her words, the afterimage beside her disappeared, and she had no choice but to stop speaking and look intently at a big monster in the distance.
Sink your shoulders and elbows, tuck your abdomen and waist, wait for the moment when the energy penetrates the whole body, take a step forward, the explosive muscle power reaches the limbs, and the body is thousands of meters away, and the fist opens a path to create a black ravine.
On the way, a big demon was cut off at the waist. The lower half of the body stood on the spot, while the upper half was blasted into the black void like a cannonball.
“Tsk, what a beast. No wonder the master cried and called him daddy.”
Zhu Xiushi murmured to himself, with a flash of light in his eyes, and white scale armor covering his body, he took out the Wenchong Sword and rushed towards the next big demon.
Just as Lu Bei said, you don’t need to think too much to control his body. Pure speed plus power, no matter what is in front of you, you will be done.
The only thing to note is that there are no one of your own on the road to charge.
boom! boom! boom
Two golden and white beams of light criss-crossed, interspersed between them, the white light used the sword as the edge, cutting off the big demon in two pieces, the golden light was majestic, and wherever it passed, a puff of blood mist exploded.
There was no one enemy that Lu Bei’s fist pointed at. The powerful bo