nds into fists and looked at the powerful ghosts and gods rushing towards him. He couldn’t help shouting angrily: “What did I do wrong?”

/He burst out with all his strength, looked up to the sky and shouted, the five internal organs in his body shook, the Xiyi Cave opened, the black iron entrance suddenly opened, and the water of the Milky Way poured in.
Xu Ying faced the charging City God and punched out. With this punch, the sound of Dao like a great bell vibrated, making the power of his moves skyrocket!
/That was Yuanyu’s eight tones exploding, stirring up his body and soul, mobilizing unparalleled power!
The City God’s arm was broken by his punch, his arm flew out, his golden body was broken, and nearly half of his body was destroyed by the aura of incense!
Other ghosts and gods rushed at him, attacking from all directions. They saw the blue sky spinning behind Xu Ying, and the nine fields were relaxed. They incorporated the power of all the ghosts and gods into the Nuo magic power. Then they changed their moves and turned into a bright mirror of body image. Like the void, neutralize all these attacks!
In the sky of the underworld, there was thunder and lightning at some point, and as the seal of promise fell, calamity fell from the sky, smashing a city god to pieces!
Amidst the lightning and thunder, there was a flash of sword light, penetrating the eyebrows of a horse-faced god, and then the sword fell down. Suddenly the sword light surged and split another ghost god into two pieces from head to toe!
Xu Ying’s small figure shuttled between the thunder and lightning, with dragons and snakes entwined around his body, flying, bang bang bang, knocking back a golden god.
The thunder texture between his eyebrows became brighter and brighter, and a sea of ??chaos suddenly appeared behind his head, and one cave after another spun around!
The wounds on his body healed quickly. He raised his hand and made a seal to meet the magical power of another ghost and god. However, he saw the vision of Wanshan Zun Jiuyi appearing in his palm seal, and directly beat that ghost and god together with its magical power to ashes!
The blood of ghosts and gods is pouring out in all directions, blood is like rain, and limbs are flying everywhere!
Xu Ying’s palm met Wu Lingtong’s palm, and he was shocked and fell backwards. Wu Lingtong shouted loudly and activated the energy of thousands of years of incense. His palm was like a mountain, beating Xu Ying back again and again!
The thunder pattern in Xu Yingmei’s heart became brighter and brighter, and suddenly there was another loud bang. A sea of ??fire emerged behind him, the secrets of Jiang Palace were opened, and the two crescent-moon caves were like a crescent-moon furnace, igniting the fire in his heart!
Xu Ying’s aura surged and he withstood Wuling Tongpan’s attack!
Thunder fell from the sky and illuminated the surrounding area. All around was a mountain of corpses and a sea of ??blood, with huge corpses of gods lying down.
Xu Ying and