nspires all the ways. Therefore, when these sages further deduce the ancient path, they will unconsciously reveal it between the lines. It has such meaning and meaning.

Therefore, when Yun Han personally dictated the Zhuji characters recorded in the ancient ancient books and manuscripts, Chu Weiyang was even in a trance. In his trance, he only felt that what he heard was not the manuscripts of the Shenxiao Sect, but the Five Elements Sect. Notes!
Sure enough, that kind of ancient and simple high principles are still the same in that long time.
But Chu Weiyang could also guess that when the Shenxiao Sect gradually drifted away and the Xuanmen Ding established its reputation as the supreme thunder method, this kind of manuscripts and classics similar to the Five Elements Sect’s Taoism and principles would It is destined to be locked up in a high cabinet because of this. Even if it is not destroyed, it is destined to be covered in dust.
And precisely because of such a situation, Chu Weiyang was even more moved when he heard the ancient and simple high principles.
It is really full of precious words and sentences, and it is full of small words and great meaning.
Many words and sentences were even imprinted in Chu Weiyang’s mind, and he only felt that they had the magical effect of outlining and enlightening the foundation of the Five Elements Taoism.
“Thus, the views of all the sages are unified. Whether it is the escape method or the thunder method, they are all the perfect integration of the five elements in different fields, but the escape method is to integrate the heaven and earth with the body shape. Thunder method reflects the mind with the universe.
If we want to talk about the simultaneous cultivation of two Tao, the interweaving and resonance of Tao and Dharma, it is inevitable to evolve from the harmony and prosperity of the five elements to the principles of yin and yang and the five elements. On the one hand, it is thunder, on the other hand, it is escape. This yin and yang is the path of birth and death.
However, natural birth and death are still just the laws of heaven and earth. When reflected in the body and mind, they are the essence of life. This also directly points to the original intention of the supreme practice, which aims at longevity. Senior brother once said that the Tao body is three-dimensional. , the boat that just made it across the world! ”
When he heard this, Chu Weiyang was thoughtful, hugged Yun Han’s body, and nestled together on the yellow jade cloud bed above the evil pond.
Almost at the moment when their skin wanted to touch, the two people’s breaths belonging to thunder were intertwined and resonated with the meaning of the thunder of the heart of the same melody.
/Immediately afterwards, this interweaving began to run through the breathing of the two people, the beating of the Jianggong ventricles of the two, and even the beating of their thoughts and ideas.
Of course, because there is a clear difference between the secret methods of subduing demons.
In this interweav