difference is that the continental war broke out a little earlier, but there is still no major difference in the development of the situation.

Unable to find a better countermeasure, Caesar IV could only use the national policy left by his father – “Nurture health internally and stabilize the spirit externally.”
/“Walking for a long time at night will eventually lead to ghosts.”
Looking at Maxim, who returned in embarrassment with two monsters in his hands, Hudson knew that the matter had finally been exposed.
Going to the beasts every day to sap and catch monsters would not leave any clues. Even if the low-level monsters don’t have enough brains, they will attract the attention of high-level monsters.
After committing many crimes, Maxim was caught by the well-prepared army of Warcraft. The massive fighting outside just now was felt by Hudson in the city.
The final result was obvious, even the strong dragon could not withstand the siege of the beasts. Facing the prepared beasts, Maxim could only fight against the flash dragon.
It can be seen from the harvest that Maxim suffered a lot today. In the past, the prisoners he captured ranged from seven to eight to more than a dozen, but today there were only two pitiful ones.
What’s even more tragic is that Maxim, who was in a bad mood, threw the monster out as soon as he arrived at the camp, and accidentally killed another one.
Having only harvested a third-level magic beast and made himself in such a mess, Maxim’s actions were undoubtedly a loss of blood.
/“Mr. Maxim, your injury is okay, right?”
Hudson’s concerns.
When the own bear cannot take action, the dragon, who is responsible for the combat power, cannot have any more problems, otherwise the job of catching the monsters will be impossible.
Deep down, Hudson was secretly glad. Fortunately, I was cautious enough and did not go to the Blackstone Mountains to cause trouble with the help of my own monsters.
Otherwise, the beast group would not besiege the Blood Moon County City, but the Mountain Territory. Being harmed by the army of monsters, the skin will be peeled off even if you don’t die.
“Don’t worry, the blood on your body belongs to the group of monsters outside. A group of despicable monsters, shamelessly engaging in group fights.
Maxim continued to curse, and Hudson pretended not to hear. As a noble noble with integrity, he really couldn’t share the same enemy with the red dragon.
The contemptuous look in Bear Stearns’s eyes hurt Red Dragon’s heart even more. I wanted to come forward to argue, but I swallowed the words as they reached my lips.
I went out to catch a few low-level monsters, but they were all so disgraced that I really couldn’t say anything. When the news spread, the giant dragon clan was completely humiliated by him.
After staring back, Maxim secretly became sulky. It’s all caused by carelessness, but if you are more vigilant, you won’t suffer such disadvantages.
There was so much commotion outside just now, and the news that Maxim went out to catch the monsters probably