o distinguishes between the New Religion and the Old Religion.

o distinguishes between the New Religion and the Old Religion.
Li Yongsheng chose this place as his focus, of course, not just because of his hatred of the True God Religion.
/When a large group of rangers appeared near Tianma Slope, the herdsmen here shrank back to Tianma Slope like frightened rabbits.
Tianmapo is a small dirt slope about ten feet high, with an area of ??about a mile. It is only a few miles away from Bier Lake.
This is a grazing place run by the Rouran people for a long time. It has a fixed camp. They built a camp on Tianma Slope. If outsiders want to attack, they have to attack from the bottom up, which is very difficult.
On the other side, the lake is the natural moat of the camp. Then wooden walls are built at the north and south ends, and a strong camp is formed.
The Rouran people have been running this camp for a long time. Because they cleverly used Tianmapo and Bier Lake, the area inside the camp is not small, covering seven or eight miles in radius.
Even in winter, there are herdsmen spending the winter here, and there are quite a few of them, at least five to six thousand.
Almost 20,000 people and hundreds of thousands of cattle and sheep were squeezed into the camp with a radius of seven or eight miles. Although it was a bit crowded, it was not completely unbearable.
There is a commanding height here, and there is water. There is no big problem in blocking the impact of the Rangers in the short term.
The Chinese came with great force, but they did not rush to attack. They just surrounded the camp from a distance, and at the same time sent out a large number of reconnaissance cavalry to cover up the news on the battlefield.
Tianmapo immediately issued a warning signal, and then, less than half an hour later, he discovered that his neighbor Hongfeng Island had also issued a warning message.
When the battlefield information is blocked, they can’t even judge where the opponent’s attack is focused.
So Tianmapo sent a thousand cavalry to try to attack the opponent.
Who would have thought that the scouts in the Middle Earth were not willing to fight, and they retreated while resisting, and soon retreated to more than ten miles away.
However, while they were retreating, there were still many Middle-earth scouts cruising in the distance, and they seemed to have malicious intentions at first sight.
The people from Tianmapo chased for ten miles and did not dare to pursue anymore. They slightly reduced their speed and reorganized their troops.
If they pursue further and encounter a large force of Middle-earth Rangers, they may not be able to retreat.
/However, as soon as they slowed down, the surrounding Middle-earth scouts came over, and they knew they had bad intentions at a glance.
Immediately afterwards, more scouts appeared, intending to surround the thousand people.
The Rouran people who attacked were shocked, stunned for a moment, and began to retreat slowly.
This retreat was even more extraordinary. Countless scouts came desperately from a distance, fran