kes, let’s give them a chance. Although they have made mistakes first, my Zhang family has always been kind to others, and we are willing to make an exception in everything!”

Seeing only the darkness, Zhang Yi walked out of the darkness surrounded by Zhang Hu.
He has a formidable demeanor and is not angry but proud of himself.
Zhang Jian looked calm next to him. He glanced at Zhang Yi, who had a solemn face, and knew in his heart that although Gu Xiuer’s last words did not move Zhang Yi, they moved his old man.
It seemed that the West Wind Swordsman in his mouth had some weight, which made Zhang Yi think about it.
“Since it is the clan leader who has spoken, let these two thieves be handed over to the clan leader to deal with them!”
At this time, Zhang Yi flashed and landed next to Zhang Jian from the roof. When he saw Zhang Jian, he nodded slightly.
He felt the pure inner breath that was constantly flowing around Zhang Yi’s body. This inner breath seemed to resonate with the air all the time, distorting the surrounding aura.
Zhang Jian’s heart moved secretly.
/He knew that this was a unique symbol for the internal martial artist to reach the innate stage.
In the Yangyuan stage, you need to continuously strengthen your own energy and spirit with mellow inner breath, connect the bridge between heaven and earth, and nourish your body with innateness. This is the secret of the innate stage.
Zhang Jian still doesn’t know much about the mysteries of innateness, but he might as well have a deep understanding of the power of this power.
“No wonder Jian Yao is so afraid of Uncle Yi. Uncle Yi is also considered to be the family’s foundation and a trump card!”
Zhang Jian sighed secretly in his heart.
Although he had just started practicing martial arts, he also knew that the internal martial arts practitioners at the innate stage were almost among the “extreme masters” in the world.
There are very few such innate warriors, and only some powerful forces with wealth and power can recruit one or two.
“Looks like I still have to practice hard, it’s a bit dangerous outside!”
Such thoughts flashed through his mind.
“Junior Gu Xiu’er would like to thank the head of the Zhang family for his magnanimity on behalf of senior brother Duanmu!”
At this time, Gu Xiuer bowed slightly, and immediately flew into the pile of ruins. Her jade face under the white gauze was a little pale. Duanmuyan was hit hard by Zhang Yi’s last blow. At this time, her life and death were uncertain, which really worried her. .
Zhang Yi looked at Zhang Yi, who shook his head slightly.
“Whether he can survive depends on his own destiny!”
He didn’t deliberately hold back his last blow.
Zhang Yi shook his head secretly and said secretly. “I hope I don’t die!”
His eyes fell on the graceful Gu Xiu’er, his eyes moving secretly.
“The surname is Gu!”
At this time, Fang Lin was outside, and other villagers and patrolling servants were surrounding him one after another. Zhang Yi waved his hand and asked everyone to disperse.
/At the same time, he rec