in the city? By sincerity and kindness?

in the city? By sincerity and kindness?
Give me a break!
It was his 155-year-old mountain wife and his mother-in-law who reluctantly agreed after seeing that he had a deposit of 100,000 yuan in his card and hearing that he would soon be able to make a down payment on a house in Shuangqing.
/After several years of hard work, he finally managed to save a hundred thousand in savings. There are two very good colleagues in his company. Although they are very good people, sincere and honest, they don’t spend too much time and are willing to help. Unfortunately, they are not available. They had no house, car, or savings. Until the year of his death, both of them were still single and without a source of income.
Before Wang Bo finally made up his mind to get married, he actually dated one or two so-called beauties with acceptable looks and figures. But the two of them dated for less than a month. After the other party found out his “ins and outs”, they said goodbye to him on the grounds of “incompatible personalities.” The other person is his type, but he is not the other person’s type!
In such a society where the ratio of men to women is seriously imbalanced and everyone worships money, in such a society where money is more important than money when looking at a house or a car, what can Wang Bo do if he does not compromise or bow to reality? He is already twenty-eight and nine years old, and is about to enter his third year of life. Should he remain a bachelor for the rest of his life and “groom” himself for the rest of his life?
It wasn’t impossible, but he couldn’t bear to see his mother’s disappointed expression when she didn’t see her daughter-in-law every time she came home, but she still had to force a smile.
He doesn’t live just for himself. He also has a family that worries him!
Although my wife in my previous life was not outstanding in appearance and figure, fortunately she had a decent personality and was relatively tolerant. Unfortunately, this “tolerance” is also an illusion. Once Wang Bo’s mother passed away and he lost his job, thousands of dollars no longer arrived on his salary card on time every month, so there was no need to maintain the illusion of tolerance. After losing his relatives, his job, his marriage, everything that should be lost, this world had nothing left to cherish for Wang Bo. He chose to go to another world to meet his mother who had been dependent on him all his life.
In his previous life, Wang Bo liked countless beautiful girls, but he was never liked by a beautiful girl even once. And Guan Ping, no matter in figure or appearance, is undoubtedly an out-and-out beauty, 100% beautiful. Isn’t it a happy and proud thing to be cared for and liked by such an authentic and pure beauty?
Now Wang Bo fully felt the love and pride from the bottom of his heart, as well as an indescribable touch. People only care about something when it lacks something, and then pursue something. Among the corrupt officials who were exposed by the media in later generations, there were