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Then the Wizards asked what do you want.
After taking a look around this year’s free agency, the Knicks said they wanted Hibbert from the Lakers.
It’s just that they had talked with the Lakers before, and the Lakers didn’t want Harden, and they ended up breaking up.
As a result, a proposal for a three-party transaction was quickly exposed by the media.
The general content is this:
The Knicks give Harden a maximum salary five years in advance, then send him to the Wizards, get Roy Hibbert and a future second round from the Lakers, and get the Wizards from the Wizards next year. first-round pick;
the Wizards signed Yao Ming to a five-year maximum salary, then sent him to the Lakers, and also sent him to the Knicks in the first round next year, acquiring Harden from the Knicks and Jamal K from the Lakers. Lawford.
The Lakers signed a four-year, 44 million contract with Hibbert, and at the same time packaged Crawford and a future second-rounder to acquire Yao Ming.
There are still some special factors for this transaction to occur.
Because theoretically, the Lakers and Knicks are potential opponents, and this kind of operation to strengthen their opponents is impossible for both parties.
But what’s special is that this deal not only strengthens the opponent, but also upgrades one’s own lineup.
And Yao Ming also played a role in promoting this transaction.
He hopes his departure will bring some assets to the Wizards.
So although it hasn’t been officially announced yet, the deal is basically close.
There was news before Yao Ming joined the Lakers, so Lakers fans are not so surprised by this at this time.
On the other hand, fans of the Wizards and Knicks were surprised and delighted.
Washington fans are surprised by the team’s approach. They don’t think a guard who likes a big butt deserves a five-year max contract, even though he performed well last season.
And Knicks fans were in for a pleasant surprise.
/Because in the past two years, the Knicks’ biggest problem has been the inside line, and now they have signed Hibbert!
Although he cannot be compared with a center of Yao Ming’s level, Hibbert has excellent physical conditions and is also a quasi-All-Star player.
As mentioned before, although losing Harden is a bit regretful, they still have George and Miller on the outside!
So compared to losing Harden, getting Hibbert is more exciting!
Wade, George, Anthony, James, Hibbert!
With this lineup, whether it’s the Warriors or the Lakers, they have enough confidence!
Or to put it in another sentence, after a short period of struggle for hegemony between Niyong and Yong, a new version of the three-legged alliance has arrived.
This kind of chaos is obviously more exciting!
After Yao Ming, Yi Jianlian, and Delong, other big names have also achieved results one after another. In the second half of the free market, it will be the stage for the veterans.
The first to break the news was the Knicks. They used the mid-level exception to sign a three-year, $9 million