, the shadows under his feet turned into ghost hands and spread in all directions.

In less than a moment, he stopped at a vast ruins, his eyes narrowed slightly and flashed red: “Four wastes, there is no need to hide. You can’t hide from Pindao’s pair of tricks with your meager tricks.”
As the words fell, a strange laugh rang out, and sticky black mud rolled over the ruins, smoothing out the surrounding broken walls.
Eight figures in a row slowly appeared. Seven of them had their heads covered, and their eyes had a scarlet red light. The man at the head stopped smiling: “Wuqiong, what are you doing here? Are you trying to steal this opportunity from me?”
The tower outside the sky is impermanent.
The Heavenly Battalion kills the Blood Guard seven times.
Unluckily, Shi Wuchang separated from Lu Bei after entering the secret realm, and was randomly teleported with the seven blood guards. As soon as he found an opportunity, he sighed that his destiny was in me, but his body was taken away by the demon from outside the territory who suddenly appeared, and the blood guards were also refined. Turned into a puppet.
The so-called floor-to-ceiling box is roughly what it means. Considering that there are eight people in the group, it is more appropriate to describe it as an emergency box.
In the past, Jiuzhou and the Demon Realm bordered, and there was a war between the Fairyland and the Heavenly Demon Realm. The Great Heavenly Lord got the help of the two and five disciples of the Heavenly Demon Realm. They decided the situation in one battle, killed the Demon Lord, captured a group of strong men from the Heavenly Demon Palace, escorted them to the Heavenly Prison, and laid many seals. .
The reason why they were not killed on the spot is because the demons outside the territory are immortal. As long as the demon realm still exists, these demons will be reborn in the demon realm countless times.
As powerful as the Great Heavenly Lord, there is nothing he can do about it.
/The good news is that the Demon Lord is not immortal. When he dies, he is truly dead.
The battle continues, from a war of annihilation to a protracted war.
The Fairyland seals the Heavenly Demon, either exchanging prisoners with the Heavenly Demon Realm, or suppressing them permanently. The Four Wasted Heart Masters and the Five Poor Heart Masters are the sealed powerful men of the Heavenly Demon Palace.
Unlike the lonely and self-respecting Samsara Heart Master, the two Heart Masters, Si Waste and Wu Qiong, are very close because of their similar natal magical powers and common topics.
The four irons in life, although the two devils did not go whoring together, they did work together in the prison cell, and their relationship became closer.
“Four Wastes, the body you are looking for is just mediocre and has little potential. Please change it to another one.”
/Wuqiong Xinzun sneered. He was very satisfied with Zhunti’s physical body. It was a good material for cultivating demons. With only a few modifications, he could return to