and unreservedly vented the accumulated pain.

The great sadness permeated the air, woven together in the choir’s chanting, as if it had taken on a physical form.
“Cross your hands,
“Put it on your chest,
“Pray that silent prayer,
“And cry out from your heart:
“The only destination is peace!” (Note 3)
People who were crying silently with their eyes closed subconsciously followed the content of the poem and made similar actions, and then, infected by each other, they shouted in their hearts:
“The only destination is peace!”
The sadness reached its peak, and more than 10,000 hearts in Memorial Square resonated strongly.
At this time, Audrey opened her eyes, bent down, and took out a bottle of magic potion from the small leather bag carried by the golden retriever Susie.
/Countless fragments of light floated in the potion, like the manifestation of the sea of ??collective subconscious.
Audrey did not hesitate. Under such a scene, she unscrewed the bottle cap and drank the liquid inside in one gulp.
Unlike in the past when she could still experience the potion sliding down her throat and into her stomach, Audrey immediately experienced abnormalities.
She felt like she could no longer sense her body, and her whole body seemed to be condensed into a ball of thoughts, blending into the illusory sea around her.
There was fear, madness, and all kinds of terrible mental pollution. Audrey was unable to resist for a moment, her consciousness faded, and her “figure” shook and was about to melt.
However, the nearby “sea area” was not peaceful. There were ups and downs to a certain extent, exaggerating the intense sadness and pain to the surroundings.
Affected by this, Audrey, whose self-awareness was about to be assimilated into the sea of ??collective subconscious, also resonated, causing uncontrollable grief.
Grief spread from one thought to another, and soon filled up the “thoughts” that Audrey had “mutated” into, piercing into her mental body and into her soul.
Audrey finally became more awake, and skillfully comforted herself, constantly giving hints, and removing contamination until she regained her senses.
A voice in her ears became more and more obvious and louder, and finally completely echoed in this sea of ??collective subconscious:
“The only destination is peace!”
“The only destination is peace!”
“The only destination is peace…” Audrey repeated this prayer, and her figure became clear quickly.
She just had a thought, and multiple transparent and illusory selves branched out, swimming in the ocean of collective subconsciousness, arriving at the spiritual islands representing different people and climbing up.
In these “places”, she intuitively saw where different people’s sadness came from:
From the cannonballs falling from the sky, from the airships forming a formation, from the letters sent back from the front line, from the bad news delivered by the postmen, from the splash of flesh and blood in front of the eyes, from the sudden collapse of the loved one, from the loss of the owner. Those p