gest problem in this operation is how to find the ‘Secret Saint’ Botis?”

Forsi suddenly remembered his previous encounter with Botis, raised his hand and said:
“If I can borrow that powerful sealed artifact from my teacher, then I can carry it with me and often wander around Backlund, attracting Botis to the vicinity through the aggregation of extraordinary characteristics.
“Well, this may also attract other ‘apprentice’ path demigods, or the leader of the Secret Order, Zaratul, or the ‘blasphemer’ Amon…”
The more Forsi spoke, the lower his voice became. He felt that this method was too dangerous.
If Zaratul and Amon really appeared, she didn’t know what would happen to the other members involved in the operation, but as a bait, she would undoubtedly not be able to escape.
/“The Hermit” Cattleya nodded and said thoughtfully:
“If there are only ‘1’ level sealed objects of the ‘Apprentice’ path, the attraction of the Law of Extraordinary Characteristics Aggregation to similar paths will not be so strong, and the scope will be limited to the demigods of the ‘Apprentice’ path, and as far as I know You know, there are not many, it can even be said to be few, most of them exist in the form of characteristics and sealed objects.”
Suddenly I no longer want to be a Sequence 4… “Magician” Forsi’s eyelids twitched when he heard this.
Cattleya then set her sights on “The World” Gehrman Sparrow:
“Let’s not discuss the issue of whether there is a level 1 sealed object in the ‘apprentice’ path. If we want the ‘Saint of Secrets’ and Miss ‘Magician’ to meet by chance, the premise is that he is also in Backlund and is not so cautious. Go out often.”
After hearing this, “Star” Leonard said from the perspective of a professional official Beyonder:
“This is actually not difficult. As a demigod on the ‘apprentice’ path, Botis is definitely the one among the upper echelons of the Aurora Society who is responsible for handling accidents and supporting different places. He has enough mobility. Haha, this is a steam train and A term that emerged after the invention of the airship.
“As long as you can create some incidents against the Aurora Society in Backlund, there is a high probability that he will come.”
While speaking, Leonard glanced at Klein.
As far as he knew, in the melee outside Bayam City caused by Gehrman Sparrow, the “Saint of Secrets” had appeared and picked up a glove.
“This is a way…” “Justice” Audrey and others nodded.
At this moment, “The World” Gehrman Sparrow suddenly said:
“I would like to remind you that the Aurora Society is an organization that worships the true God. Once you take action against them, and the implicit purpose is to hunt their senior officials, the ‘True Creator’ may foresee it and give you a certain warning.”
Can it still be like this? Audrey’s eyes widened slightly, and she observed “Hermit” Cattleya, “Star” Leonard and others, and found that they were also astonished.
This was something they had not considered at all before.
It’s not that they are not smart enough, but th