The carriage slowly opened. He walked out of the car with his sword on his back.
“Enter the ninth floor as quickly as possible tonight! Then find the only core magic weapon of Xinxue Sacrifice and achieve Xiao Guiyuan as quickly as possible! Step into Qi training!”
He secretly made up his mind.
After getting out of the carriage, there was a patch of pale yellow weeds everywhere.
He was standing on a country road with fences on both sides, and rolling yellowish hills to the left and right.
sheep’s cry attracted Lin Xin’s attention, and he looked in the direction of the sound.
I saw a large and sparse mass of gray-white sheep on the hills on the left. The sheep moved slowly, lowering their heads to nibble on the weeds, and making calls from time to time.
A noodle man was sleeping on the slope with his legs crossed and a whip, a straw hat draped over his face.
Lin Xin frowned.
“It’s probably a bit troublesome for a place like this to be sparsely populated.”
He didn’t pay attention to the shepherd. He was just an ordinary person. He could only kill him like that. Time was tight. He followed the road and started to use Qinggong at the foot of the road, and carried out the Sky and Cloud Art with all his strength.
The whole person suddenly felt as light as flying, galloping towards the front.
The wind blew violently on his face.
Not long after, a convoy in front, composed entirely of noodle men, appeared in front of him.
One of the noodle men carrying a long knife was talking to the people in the convoy. When he heard the noise, the noodle man turned around and saw Lin Xin speeding towards him. He immediately jumped out of the car.
The man looked at Lin Xin carefully, took out a scroll from his arms, and seemed to be comparing it.
Not long after, a look of greed suddenly appeared on his face, he put away the scroll and drew out his long knife.
At this time, Lin Xin had arrived at the rear of the motorcade.
No nonsense, just cut it off with one sword.
The sword energy shot out from the tip of the sword, extending the blade and slashing diagonally towards the noodle man.
With the increase in internal energy at the eighth level of innateness, both strength and speed have exceeded the limit that ordinary people can react.
Just a face to face.
/Before the greed on the Noodle Man Swordsman’s face disappeared, he was cut into two slanted pieces with a sword.
A trace of warmth flowed into his body, and Lin Xin rushed towards the other panicked and screaming noodle men without hesitation.
With each strike of the sword, blood and water flew everywhere, and the large noodle men who were much taller than him fell down one after another, all clutching their throats.
Several noodle men who looked like guards rushed out with knives and slashed at him with ferocious faces and shouts.
Just a half-circle with a sword, a white arc formed by the sword energy suddenly appeared and flashed past several noodle men.
These people were all chopped into two