e to waste.

e to waste.
These people just let it go.
Yao Wan was sitting downstairs bored.
Suddenly, several people walked in a hurry, carrying packages, saluting, and rushing towards the outer passage.
The person taking the lead was a middle-aged woman.
The woman’s face was long and narrow, not pretty, but her eyes were bright, and there was a hint of power in her eyes. At first glance, he is not an easy person to get along with.
Yao Wan and the woman’s eyes met for a moment, and they separated without saying a word.
The woman led the team and left quickly, heading towards the passage.
Yao Wan’s expression became a little heavy.
The woman just now was Taoist Mingding, one of the strong players in the Qianliu lineage.
I fought against her and lost to her only one move in the three-line competition. The strength cannot be underestimated.
The key is that Qingmei Zi, the senior brother of the Qianliu lineage, is responsible for dealing with the invasion of Wu.
The three branches each perform their own duties. Suoshan is responsible for the inner mountain seal, and is occasionally invited to other sects to strengthen the seals.
Qianliu is responsible for foreign wars and stabilizing the territory.
The ghost leader is responsible for the sect’s defense, internal resources, and miscellaneous items.
Therefore, the Qianliu lineage actually has the largest number of people and the strongest overall strength.
And Taoist Mingding ranks fifth in the Qianliu lineage, which shows his strength.
At this time, even these powerful players looked in a hurry. It seemed that something serious had happened….
A handsome Taoist on the side explained.
“Sister Yao has been away these days, so she doesn’t know anything… Qianliu has sent three strong men to lead the Waishan brigade to the border. I heard that it was Wu Guoguang Ci Yao who massacred hundreds of people from the Haideng Division. Even the commander-in-chief of Ding Haijun was seriously injured.
These Guangci demons are far worse than the original Xiangtori teachings. They don’t even follow the rules of not being involved in secular affairs. Is this going to hurt both sides? ”
” The Guangci Sect is not from my Great Yuan, so how can they abide by such rules?” Yao Wan said coldly. “I hope those who migrated will teach them a lesson.”
/“My Xuanmiao Sect follows nature and follows the laws of nature. Many people are not good at fighting. I’m afraid…” The handsome Taoist shook his head and said nothing.
“What are you afraid of? Brat, what kind of family are you from? You deliberately half-talked your words. How dare you whet my appetite? Are you looking for death!?” Yao Wan slapped the Taoist on the forehead impatiently.
Wei He was the one that the eldest sister was watching, and she didn’t dare to make a move, but she wasn’t so patient with the others.
“Senior sister, don’t be upset. I’m just afraid that this trip may be difficult and dangerous. Since the demon master from Guangci Cult knows that Haizhou is the territory of our Xuanmiao Sect