the origins of these young horses very well and it was very difficult to sell them.

Young horses are very particular about pedigree, and none of his young horses have pedigree certificates. He used some means to illegally obtain the breeding of war horses.
The horses he has here are sold to trainee knights who don’t have much wealth. People like David who have knight bodyguards behind them will not buy the young horses he has here.
David activated the power of his blood, and before he could put his hands on the young horses, all five young horses turned their heads to look at him, with longing flashing in their eyes.
“Lord Baron, let’s go, there is no young horse suitable for you here!” Seeing this scene, Knight Andrew immediately stood in front of David and separated the five young horses. He said softly.
The reason why Knight Andrew did this was because the power of blood revealed by David was too strong.
Once the enemies of the Luce family discover that the power of David’s blood is so strong, they will not allow David time to grow and will strangle David before he becomes a knight.
There are many people here, and if someone who understands the power of blood discovers anything unusual, David will be in danger if word spreads.
“Okay, I have to trouble Edna to take me to the pony shop!” David didn’t know why Knight Andrew was like this, but just when he revealed the power of his bloodline, he discovered that the five pony horses were really ordinary. , none of them made him feel like he wanted to be close.
Books on raising war horses mention the suitability of young horses, which is not only the choice of young horses for knights, but also the choice of knights for young horses.
Edna took David out of the trading area. Some people in the trading area saw abnormalities after David revealed his bloodline power.
Because these people showed no obvious malice, David didn’t feel anything.
Young Ma’s shop is right next to the trading area. This is the place where knight resources are sold, but it is much more advanced than the trading area.
David saw second-level equipment here, saw potions and enhanced meat, and saw training equipment.
Knight Andrew glanced at the second-grade armor with envious eyes, which made David couldn’t help but think that he hadn’t seen Knight Andrew’s armor yet, and even Knight Andrew’s horse didn’t have horse armor.
You must know that even David’s traveling horse has a set of horse armor made of third-grade materials.
David decided to observe further. If Knight Andrew showed enough loyalty, he could change the equipment for Knight Andrew.
“Lord Baron Arthur, come with me!” Edna was more familiar with this place than the trading area. She took David into the young horses section of the shop.
/There are only three young horses here, which is fewer than in the trading area, but unlike the trading area, there is corresponding information next to each young horse here.
“This young horse has the pedigree of a mountain horse. Its parents and the first three generations are recorded h