his form.

Consuming extraordinary power can instantly double his defense, and he believes he can block the attack of alloy Gauss cannonballs for a short time.
As long as he gets closer, the gauss cannon will lose its effect, and the next step is for him to find David.
/In fact, Melville Chaofan had already seen David’s location, because on the city wall, there was the only control room guarded by a few military soldiers. Needless to say, that was where David was.
As for whether there would be a sudden attack by high-level artillery shells, Melville’s extraordinary thought was that if he had used it a long time ago, and if he had used it just now, he would have at least suffered some injuries, instead of being a little shaken like he is now. Impact.
Besides, even high-grade Gaussian shells could not pose a fatal threat to him who was prepared, because he did not believe that the city’s defense system would install second-grade Gaussian shells in the Gauss cannon.
/Normally, the second-grade Gaussian shells would be placed in the warehouse and could only be mobilized in an emergency. The procedures involved were not something that David could handle right now.
Melville Chaofan was wondering whether David was waiting for the arrival of the second-grade Gaussian shells. Perhaps the alloy Gaussian shells were used to attack him just to hold him back, so that he could wait for the Perrin City defense army to complete the procedures and collect the second-grade Gaussian shells from the warehouse. Cannonballs are brought out.
So just now Melville made an extraordinary decision in the air and immediately made the decision to forcefully rush downward.
What Melville Chao Chao didn’t know was that the barrel of the Gauss cannon closest to David turned and locked onto him.
David only has one level three Gaussian shell. Now that he is famous, he is no longer like before, and the extraordinary people don’t care about his attacks at all.
David had his own considerations on how to use this third-grade Gaussian shell.
He can only kill with one hit, otherwise his life may be in danger.
Melville felt the consumption of his extraordinary power. The alloy Gauss cannonball hit his legs and the third-grade heavy axe, and the impact caused him to almost be unable to fall down.
But fortunately, the alloy Gauss cannonballs would break into pieces after hitting him, which allowed him to rely on his extraordinary strength to persevere.
Just when he judged that he would be able to enter the Gauss cannon’s shooting blind spot in just one second, he seemed to feel a different Gauss cannon flying towards him.
Just as this thought arose, he felt a pain in his legs, and then a force passed through his legs and through his body.
This feeling was very strange. He actually felt that his heart was breathing air, and he even felt the unique coolness of the outside air.
Then Melville’s extraordinary body lost strength, and the last moment of consciousness in his brain told him that he had been sniped.
After David fired the third-grade Gauss