other side’s territory.

In the Emerald Palace, Caesar IV is being surrounded by a group of old guys asking for an explanation. There is a big disagreement, and the king will be put in bed for several months today.
Robert, the leader, stared at Caesar IV with a livid face. After finally breaking through the bottleneck of the sanctuary, he was preparing to fight vigorously, but he was declared “dead” by the kingdom.
All the old guys present were on the death list. All the major families in the kingdom even paid tribute to them.
/Looking at the people who were eager to try, Caesar IV, who felt that his body was not strong enough, instantly lost his temper.
“Ancestors, this is a long story. You suddenly disappeared, blasphemous remarks flooded the continent, and the kingdom was under great pressure.
All the evidence has been sent to the enemy, and we have no way to refute the rumors. Even simply refuting the rumors will make things worse.
As a last resort, we had no choice but to put all the blame on the orcs! ”
Caesar IV said calmly.
As a king, the majesty of the monarch cannot be lost. Even if he is worried about being beaten, he can only hold on now.
He is the king anyway, and these people can’t really do anything to him. What’s more, he was reasonable in this matter.
Whoever caused the trouble will be held responsible. It would be great if he, the king, could help with the aftermath, but how could it be perfect?
“Little Caesar, don’t talk nonsense. Although this time is troublesome, it is nothing compared with your later response.
The hasty mourning for us is probably because they think us old guys are an eyesore and take the opportunity to kick us out of the political arena!
After all, dead people cannot interfere in government affairs. At this point, in order to take the overall situation into consideration, it is difficult for us old guys not to retire! ”
Robert sighed self-deprecatingly.
Among all the Saint Realm powerhouses on the mainland, he is undoubtedly the most miserable one. After others made breakthroughs, they celebrated with great splendor, but he was the only one who died early.
If you don’t like to play politics now, it doesn’t mean that you haven’t played politics.
The youngest ones are all over a hundred years old. These little thoughts of Caesar IV are all left over from their past play.
As the older generation, although they are in a state of semi-retirement, they have never really let go of the important affairs of the kingdom.
Looking back in history, these people were either important ministers of the kingdom or princes.
/It’s just that after getting older, everyone’s pursuits have changed. Compared with worldly power, they are more obsessed with improving their own strength.
To be precise: those of the same generation who are not obsessed with pursuing strength have now met the Lord of the Dawn.
The topic was raised, and Caesar IV was so embarrassed that he was able to pull out a palace on the spot.
In fact, these old antiques are not involved in everything. During the