e to get married again?

e to get married again?
At this time, Li Han finally recovered from the “shock” and walked up to the two of them, with a stiff face and a little residual smile. He didn’t say a word, but stared with a scrutinizing gaze. Looking at the young man with a playful smile in front of him and hugging his wife.
/Tang Suzhen saw Li Han and hurriedly introduced them to them.
“Hello, Teacher Li! I have heard Teacher Tang talk about his suave and elegant boyfriend a long time ago. When I met him today, he was indeed well-deserved. But Teacher Li, I have to remind you, don’t do it as a last resort in the future. , you must not go to No. 4 Middle School! Teacher Tang is the goddess in the eyes of countless teachers and students in No. 4 Middle School, and the object of their secret love. Now the goddess has come down to earth, and you are her lover.” Before
Wang Bo finished his flattery, Tang Suzhen really couldn’t stand listening, and turned to him Xu kicked him and said angrily: “Hurry in! Why are you dawdling? You, Teacher Xiao, Teacher Yu, they are all here, waiting for you!”
Wang Bo shrank his neck, not daring to continue making noise, and put the bicycle I rode to the sidewalk in front of the hotel, parked, and walked into the door of Yingfeng Hotel.
It wasn’t until Wang Bo left that Li Han recovered from the shock. Of course he had heard of Wang Bo’s name, but he had never seen him before.
“You’re a student, do you always talk to you like this? Why don’t you look like a student at all?” Li Han saw Wang Bo entering the hotel door, and then he dared to ask his wife. Even though he knew that Wang Bo’s status was extraordinary, his wife was his teacher, and he was not a girl. How could it be appropriate for him to hug his teacher as soon as he arrived, completely ignoring his groom?
“What do you mean by ‘behaving like a student’? Only being submissive, trembling and frightened is what you call a student?” Tang Suzhen said disapprovingly.
/“Suzhen, that’s not what I meant. What I meant is that after all, he is already in college and an adult, and his behavior is still so inappropriate, and he is still treating you so badly.” Before Li Han could say anything, he was already hard-pressed the next moment. Tang Suzhen, who was shocked and angry, interrupted. Tang Suzhen trembled, pointed at Li Han’s nose and said:
“Li Han, what are you thinking about all day? You don’t think that Wang Bo and I, haha, since you are like this For a person who is jealous indiscriminately, forget it, we won’t accept this marriage, lest we have to get divorced after the marriage!” Tang Suzhen laughed angrily, turned around and left.
Seeing Tang Suzhen turn around and leave without marrying him, Li Han was shocked and hurriedly chased after him to apologize:
“Hey, Suzhen, I was just joking, don’t leave. Hey, hey, I was wrong. , I’m blind, I’m not a human being, Suzhen, please forgive me!”
Tang Suzhen just wanted to scare Li Han and put on a show. A large group of relatives, friends, colleagues and leaders were all here. How could th