glish song with a bright rhythm.

glish song with a bright rhythm.
“The clothes are very beautiful, and the skirt is also very beautiful! It matches you very well!” Wang Bo looked at Su Mengyao who was wearing light makeup and praised her. Under the dim light, coupled with the other party’s charming pair of pink and phoenix peach blossom eyes, Su Mengyao looked charming.
“What?” Because there was music, Su Mengyao didn’t hear the other party’s words clearly and tilted her ears.
Wang Bo leaned forward gently, pointed his mouth at Su Mengyao’s ear, and repeated what he just said. Under the bright and dim lights, Su Mengyao’s ears have graceful contours, full earlobes, and the skin on the side of her face is smooth and white, which can be broken by blowing, showing a crystal clear white color, and with an indescribable fragrance, teasing Wang Bo’s He was so nervous that he needed a lot of willpower to overcome the urge to poke his mouth and take a bite.
Xue Fei in the dormitory commented that Su Mengyao was a rare beauty, and it was true!
Su Mengyao shrank her shoulders slightly. Wang Bo’s breath sprayed on her ears when he spoke, making her feel a little itchy. She didn’t expect Wang Bo to praise her so directly. Even though he only praised her clothes, it also made her quite happy.
“Thank you!” Su Mengyao said softly.
“What?” Wang Bo imitated Su Mengyao’s behavior just now and tilted his ears. This is somewhat intentional. Even if he couldn’t hear Su Mengyao’s words, he could still tell the other person’s “thank you” just by the way he spoke.
Facing Wang Bo’s slightly tilted head, Su Mengyao bit her lips. The invisible red tide began to spread on her peach-shaped face like the sunset reflected in the sky. After a little hesitation, she stood up on tiptoes and filled herself up. , lips painted with oily and transparent lipstick moved towards Wang Bo’s ears.
“Thank you!” Su Mengyao said.
With a good start, the subsequent communication will be much smoother.
/In the beginning, Wang Bo paid attention to keeping the distance between himself and Su Mengyao, but as the two sides “bited their ears” again and again, the distance became closer and closer, so that several times when the other party stepped close to his ear, , Wang Bo felt as if his chest had touched something, round, one on the left and one on the right.
/“Dance another song?” Wang Bo said to Su Mengyao. He didn’t expect time to fly by so fast. For a moment, he was still a little unfinished. He couldn’t bear to put down this soft, fragrant and charming song in his hand. Special/object.
“Okay!” Su Mengyao nodded in agreement almost without thinking. Isn’t it possible that she still has some unfinished ideas? In the past two or three minutes, her entire mind was almost blank. She was completely surrounded by a sense of pride, excitement, an inexplicable sense of superiority, and a shyness she had not experienced in a long time. Her usual dexterity and agility were completely missing. After the nervous and exciting mood calmed down to some extent, the lyrical and romantic mu