onard didn’t say enough details when he prayed before. He only mentioned that there was something wrong with Jacob’s treasure… The Sequence 1 that made Pales Zoroastrian so familiar with Amon and so cautious was not even noticed by the angels. Abnormal, stepped directly into the trap, Amon must have done something extraordinary again…

“Huh, although I have grown rapidly in the battle of wits and courage with Amon and completed my transformation, compared with him, the top fraudster, I am still too far behind, too immature…
“Once Amon becomes a Sequence 0 ‘error’ and can still walk on the ground, it will be really difficult for me…
“No, we have to figure out the god-becoming ceremony of the ‘Stealer’ path, and find a way to do some damage. We can’t let Amon ascend to the throne of God easily…
“But could this be exactly what Amon wanted to happen? He held a ceremony on purpose and was just waiting for me to deliver it to him?” As his thoughts whirled, Klein let out a long sigh.
Then, he conveyed the message to Leonard in the posture and tone of “The Fool”:
“No need to pray.”
In St. Samuel’s Church, Leonard just emerged from the garden soil and tried to rush into the large prayer hall when he heard Mr. Fool’s words.
“No need to pray…” Leonard’s pace gradually slowed down and he repeated this sentence absentmindedly.
He became slower and slower, and finally stopped next to a stone pillar, lowered his head, raised his hands, and covered his face.
At this moment, a slightly older voice suddenly echoed in his mind:
“Why are you sad? I’m not dead yet!”
“Ah?” Leonard let go of his hands and said in confusion and surprise, “Old man, are you not dead yet?”
His eyes were already slightly red.
/“Look, what are you talking about!” Pales Zoroaster’s voice showed obvious weakness, “Well, to put it simply, my old man died once, but he is not dead yet.”
Leonard finally breathed a sigh of relief, glanced around, and when no one was paying attention, he lowered his voice and said:
“Did you successfully deceive Amon?”
“It can’t be said to be fraud.” Pales Zoroaster sighed, “For so many years, what I have thought about the most is what to do if Amon’s true form is found. After repeated experiments, , I also ‘created’ a method, that is, after the body dies, it can be resurrected in the clone, but it will lose the Sequence 1 extraordinary characteristics and passively lower itself to a level. Hey, I am not too behind the times.”
“In other words, Amon killed you once and obtained your Sequence 1 characteristics, and you were resurrected as a Sequence 2 person?” Leonard roughly understood what was going on and asked as if to confirm.
Pales Zoroaster replied with a sigh:
“That’s more or less the case. Actually, it’s not like Amon didn’t notice it. When I pushed you out of the Bone Church, he didn’t stop you. He just left a little hope for me so that I would lose my determination to fight to the death in the next battle. Hey , if this were not the case, I would not have been solved by Him so quickly. At any rate,