re involved in the game!

re involved in the game!
As for how to actually play on the field, any tactics are not fixed for these two people.
Because these two people have reached a certain level in terms of strength and tacit understanding, they will make the most appropriate choice on the court.
Just like the triangle just now, oh no, more accurately it should be a pick-and-roll, which is the best choice to break the deadlock on the court!
Underestimation, still underestimated!
Although the Lakers’ triangle offense failed to work in the game, Sun Hao and Yao Ming’s tacit pick-and-roll tactics made the Bulls hard to defend.
Because they are both super centers, he really hopes that Yao Ming can rectify his reputation as a center.
Whether it’s rolling down the pick-and-roll or shooting outside, Yao Ming seems to be much more flexible than at the beginning of the season.
No one’s success is accidental, and Phil Jackson is not as simple as most people think.
At the same time, he is also a heavy center, and he admires Yao Ming’s perseverance even more, because losing weight is like killing him to him.
Of course, YY is also inevitable.
After all, if he had the same perseverance as Yao Ming, he might still be playing with Sun Hao now!
In this quarter, both sides mainly used substitutes.
/But it was during this period that the Bulls played a bit “cheaply”.
They are said to be cheating because at this time they have Bosh on the inside to lead the team.
This is a special case of the Bulls. They have two All-Star level insiders at the same time. These two insiders can stagger and lead the team in the substitute transition period.
Although Millsap is also on the court during this period of the Lakers, the strength of those two is not something he can compete with now.
At this stage of this substitute, the Bulls can be said to have an advantage in the interior.
However, the Lakers surprisingly maintained their lead at this stage.
Because someone on their bench played well.
Rudy Fernandez!
He made 2 three-pointers from the outside during this period of time!
Although the performance of this connection section is a bit super-level, it is still reasonable.
When the main force returned, Sun Hao and Yao Ming’s pick-and-roll was still strong.
Even in terms of lethality alone, this is greater than the original Sun Hao pick-and-roll of Nowitzki and the Sun Hao-Durant pick-and-roll of the Warriors!
At halftime, the Lakers had extended their lead to double digits 62 to 52!
“If nothing else, the person who should ask Phil for Zen books should be someone else.”
O’Neal looked at Barkley and said.
Life is like a race. Winning at the starting point does not mean you will win at the end!
On social media, a large number of fans have begun to draw conclusions about small ball and traditional basketball. They believe that with a super center of Yao Ming’s level, small ball tactics will soon be pushed back.
Of course everything has two voices.
At the same time, some fans said that the Bulls were not yet at the pinnac