llor Han, do you know what store they plan to open?”

llor Han, do you know what store they plan to open?”
“It seems to be a grocery store, a small supermarket or something.”
“It is impossible to open a store without a supply of goods. Can we hire wholesalers? Can the Chinese businessmen help keep an eye on it?”
“There are too many people doing wholesale, and we can’t get over at all, and it’s not conducive to confidentiality.”
“Yes, this woman is rich, no one knows if someone will take advantage of her wealth, who will I don’t know if anyone would leak the news because of money.”
“But this is also a method. If the intermediary line yields nothing, this method can only be adopted at that time.”
Federer is only responsible for his own jurisdiction and really doesn’t understand these things.
Xiao Wang, a staff member of the Consulate General, put down the photo and couldn’t help but ask: “Counsellor Han, Director Qu, since she is on a red notice, why don’t you ask the South African police to help find her?”
/Upon hearing this, he knew that she had just been stationed abroad. , at least I have never been exposed to this aspect before.
Han Bo sighed lightly and explained with a wry smile: “Unless absolutely necessary, we must not let the South African side know about it. Because we not only have to chase the fugitives, but also the stolen money. Tens of millions of stolen money can disappear in the police station, she If it falls into the hands of the South African police, think about how we can pursue this dirty thing.”
The South African police are really unreliable in one or two things. If they, especially the corrupt elements among them, know that the Chinese female fugitive is rich, they will definitely change the law and take her away. , when the time comes, I will give you a person with nothing, who will make you dumbfounded.
Xiao Wang reacted and nodded awkwardly.
Arrange your work for tomorrow and take the time to rest.
After waking up, washing up and preparing to go to the restaurant for dinner, Vice President Shan came over with a wry smile holding a phone record.
“Vice President Shan, what’s wrong?”
“Look, something happened again. This time it’s not ordinary people. It’s a business inspection group from China. They can’t stay in so many hotels in the city, but they have to live next to the casino. Qian and Valuables were robbed, including the passport in the bag. He is at the police station now.”
/“Are you injured?” Han Bo asked eagerly.
“Fortunately, no one was injured, just a little scared.”
The phone records clearly stated that they arrived at the hotel at night. Three of them were very hungry and wanted to go downstairs to buy something to eat, but they just walked out of the hotel. After a few steps, two black men rushed out of the shadows and put guns to their heads. The gangsters took away all their bags and mobile phones.
Didn’t you pay attention to the public security in South Africa before coming?
Don’t you know how bad the security situation in Cape Town is?
A big city like Cape Town is definitely a “city that