size of two palms, and it was obviously sunken inward, as if someone had dug away the stone bricks on the surface.

“As long as you can find the corresponding piece of obsidian and place it here, this wall will initially get rid of its hidden state and present an illusory color. When the time comes, I will tell you a complex and special symbol. It is The key to the door of escape is on the wall.” The bearded old man said in detail without turning his head, looking straight ahead.
A complex special symbol key to open the door. Klein listened to the murmur of “Honakis Fregra” echoing in the wind behind him, and a symbol suddenly popped up in his mind:
That is a vertical eye composed of many secret symbols
That’s the message the Antigonus Family Notes conveyed to him by infecting the “Muppets of Doom”
The Antigonus family seems to have a close connection with the “Land of Night” on the main peak of the Honakis Mountains
Is this the so-called “open key?” Klein calmly withdrew his gaze and asked:
“Why did all the fortune tellers fail before?”
/Sitting diagonally behind the statue, the hooded old man chuckled and said:
“Some of them were as verbose as you. They didn’t have time to leave the church before the red moon became clear and were hung up there. The guy who made himself a handsome face was the guy, and the guy with flawless facial features. So does the little girl.”
“” Klein was almost speechless after being teased by the other party.
However, he also learned a situation based on this, that is, when the red moon is clear, the danger inside the church will increase exponentially, and even the “Secret Puppet Master” will no longer be able to control his own spiritual body. Wire
Always pay attention to the changes in the light. As soon as the red moon became clear, he “passed through the wall” and looked around. He determined that the outer wall closest to the dark altar was six or seven meters away, and then quickly formulated an emergency plan in his mind.
The hooded old man did not look up at him, but continued to speak:
“The remaining ones were unlucky enough to encounter enemies who had lost their minds and only wanted food, and were eaten by them.
“As you know, there are not many Extraordinaries on the diviner path, and even fewer can become Secret Puppet Masters. The number of people who came here for various reasons can be counted on one hand.
“Of course, there are many more people who have been attracted and lured here, but it is difficult to enter here. They are all here.”
He didn’t finish speaking. He slowly raised his head, looked at the highest point of the ancient church, and then said vaguely:
“The ending is equally tragic.”
/What does it mean? If I fail to steal the note, I have to follow the murmurings of the corpses hanging in this church, climb the main peak of the Honakis Mountains, and search for the treasures left by the Antigonus family, does it belong to It would be difficult for those who were attracted and seduced to enter this place, and the ending would be equally tragic.