off guard.

off guard.
“Let them see that you are fully capable of playing in the All-Star Game.”
Nowitzki said, patting Sun Hao on the shoulder.
Only now did Sun Hao know why Nash said that.
These brothers of his want to help him brush up his data!
There seems to be nothing wrong with this.
Others say that he is not worthy of being an All-Star starter. It is simply because, as Barkley said, his data is not enough.
If he averages 25+ per game, Barkley guarantees that he won’t even fart.
But data is not only related to strength, but also related to the team’s status and shooting rights.
To give the most intuitive example, he discussed Tracy McGrady with Eisley earlier.
McGrady has been with the Raptors for three years, and his best year was last season, averaging 15.4 points per game.
But this season, with the Magic, their scoring average has soared to 26.8 points per game.
Has McGrady improved?
That’s for sure, after all, there was a summer in between.
But if you want to say that his improvement is as great as the data reflects, that’s nonsense.
To put it bluntly, if you throw Sun Hao and Nelson to the Warriors together, his average data per game will be 20+.
“Don’t be mentally burdened, Sun.”
Kukoc also said. He has been playing the longest and has experienced the most.
/Sun Hao’s answer was simple.
Some data brushing is of course a good thing!
If I can get another 30+, it won’t be a bad idea no matter what!
Moreover, the opponent of the Magic is not weak because of McGrady, but Grant Hill is injured for the season and is not particularly strong.
/This kind of opponent, who is neither strong nor weak, is the most suitable for brushing up data.
Sure enough, what he said earlier was right.
Basketball is not about fighting and killing, it is about human relationships!
That night, the game between the Mavericks and the Magic kicked off at Amway Arena.
The stadium’s attendance rate exceeded 80%.
If Hill hadn’t been out for the season, the Magic would have had a chance to be among the top three in the Eastern Conference this season.
The slender calves that many girls envy, as well as the almost perfect body proportions, slender arms, handsome appearance, and those drowsy eyes.
McGrady, compared to the future, apart from being a little thinner, there is really no change at all.
During the pre-game warm-up, McGrady was interviewed by reporters on the sidelines.
He looks infinitely youthful in the camera.
Definitely a girl reaper if he wanted to.
The reporters initially asked questions related to the game.
But in the end, Sun Hao was still asked about becoming the first-round vote-winner.
However, his views are different from those of Carter, Ray Allen, and Kobe.
“The All-Star Game relies on strength. If you don’t have that strength, you can only sit on the bench.”
McGrady’s attitude is unique among the stars.
But if you look closely, you will find that his words are exactly opposite to Carter’s.
Carter said that if the fans choose you, you should be th