cond-grade long sword hit David’s body through the gap exposed by the third-grade heavy axe.

Although David’s master-level shield control was new, he still blocked the second-level sword in advance. David also used the impact contained in the long sword to free the third-level heavy ax in his hand from Meade’s grasp. .
After taking five steps back, David looked at the two weapon masters solemnly.
“It’s such a waste for you to use the third-level heavy axe!” Meade said contemptuously.
“Come again!” David tightened the weapon in his hand, and with a loud shout, his ‘Ultimate Speed’ and ‘Power Shock’ talents were fully activated.
His speed suddenly doubled, which made the gap between his master-level heavy ax mastery and Meade’s master-level heavy ax mastery suddenly narrow.
The heavy ax in David’s hand struck Meade. Meade was about to rush forward as before, but found that he could not keep up with David’s speed.
Mead could only hit David’s ax with the blade of his axe. This was the limit of his skill.
/At the moment when the two axes intersected, David was affected by the huge force and took a step back. In the process of retreating, he blocked Captain Norton’s blow with the large shield of his left hand, and took another step back.
/At the same time, David was also preparing, waiting for Meade’s reaction.
Meade also felt the counterattack force of David’s axe. He could still withstand this force, but after this force, there was a shock force.
The power of the shock was instantly transmitted to his whole body. Meade didn’t even think about it, and his body instinctively fell backwards.
This is a technique to resist the power of shock. Of course, this technique can only be used in many-on-one situations and can only be implemented with the help of companions to cover.
David waited for Mead to be affected by the ‘power shock’. As long as Mead’s body stopped, he would activate the fastest speed and directly hit Mead hard.
But what he didn’t expect was that Meade fell down on his own initiative. When his body fell, he was already protected by Captain Norton.
“‘Power Shock’, you are a talented soldier!” Captain Norton saw Meade’s reaction and immediately understood what this meant, and he exclaimed.
Talented warriors are the pride among warriors. Unlike weapon masters, talented warriors depend more on innate conditions.
Even if the same resources are given to different soldiers, there will be very few people who can become talented soldiers, and the talents that appear are even more uncontrollable.
David didn’t respond. He not only used ‘Power Shock’ as his trump card, he had already made two preparations when he took the initiative to attack.
In his soul fortress, the ‘spiritual arrow’ was guided out of his body and shot towards Meade who fell on the ground.
David knew that the weapon master’s spirit was different from ordinary people, so the attack effect of the ‘spiritual arrow’ might not last long.
The third-grade heavy ax in his hand actively attacked Captain Norton, completely ignoring Meade on the