cene in front of him showed that the War Temple carried out a covering attack on Garmi Star.

The remaining energy fluctuations of the terrifying ‘punishment magic’ made the area that David saw lifeless.
The residual energy after the ‘Divinity of Punishment’ attack is somewhat like the radiation after the explosion of a nuclear weapon in David’s previous life. If this radiation does not disappear, the entire area will become a dead place.
Garmisin is David’s home in the divine world. He built a comfortable residence here. Every flower and grass on the planet was planted by him after he came. He has a special emotion for Garmisin. .
David’s heart ached after seeing how badly destroyed Garmistar was.
If he had known that Garmi Star would be so severely damaged, he would have blocked the Space War Temple in space with the black dragon Alexis.
David was sneaking one meter below the surface. He looked out from time to time to look at the situation outside. Everywhere he passed were the tragic scenes caused by the ‘punishment magic’.
He sneaked to a large mountain and saw the condition of the mountain. He found that the overall structure of the mountain was not damaged.
This mountain is where the backup intelligent system is located. David entered the mountain and saw the backup intelligent system.
On the light curtain of the backup intelligent system, a series of red messages remain on it, which are damage reports.
Through the information on the light curtain, David could know that all the facilities on the surface of Garmi were destroyed in a short period of time, and only the Space War Temple could possess such power.
He tapped on the light screen and began to check the damage to the defense system.
One hundred percent of the defense facilities in the sky and on the surface were destroyed, and 80% of the facilities under the surface were destroyed. The remaining 20% ??can still support the existence of a small Skynet.
Unfortunately, without the support of equipment in the sky, Skynet can only barely cover about ten meters upward from the ground, and it is unable to include all Garmi stars within the scope of Skynet.
Since the knowledge of the Interstellar Federation and the knowledge of the Divine World are two completely different systems, the Temple of War does not have a scanning array for the Interstellar Federation equipment, so when 20% of the facilities under the surface resumed work, they were not The war temple was discovered.
In front of David, an incomplete map of Garmi appeared on the light curtain.
/David looked at the real-time map of Garmi with a calm expression. What he saw was a broken planet.
Although he had been mentally prepared for this situation, he still felt uncomfortable after confirming the situation.
All the green plants in the continents he transformed have now been destroyed, and with the energy residue left over from the ‘Divinity of Punishment’, those continents will soon turn back into deserts. In addition, all the lakes and rivers on the continents have disappeared, and t