ogies must be open to Mom.

Because Mom has mastered too much exoskeleton armor technology, he will inevitably use some patented technologies when designing. Before this, he often suffered from trouble due to infringement issues, so he rarely designed exoskeleton armor for others. ” Bray explained with a smile.
In fact, he became friends with Mom because Mom accidentally used the patented technology of a certain consortium when designing an exoskeleton armor for a person, and was held accountable by that consortium.
/Bray helped Mom when he was in the most trouble, and this made the two become good friends.
For Mom, who is only interested in technology, even though he knows that a certain technology has patent restrictions, he still unconsciously uses this technology for the sake of the perfection of the exoskeleton armor.
It is simply unacceptable for Mom to avoid the best choice because of patent protection when he knew there was one.
/So Mom chose not to design exoskeleton armor externally. He would only design it for some very close personal friends.
Of course, under normal circumstances, few people will say anything about exoskeleton armor customized for private individuals and applying some patented technologies, because there is not much benefit at all.
David is wearing a virtual helmet connected to the medium-sized server. He is currently in the virtual world created by the medium-sized server through virtual technology.
The medium-sized server was becoming less and less helpful for his sniping, and his ballistic analysis had become instinctive, making the original virtual training useless.
David is not training in the virtual world he built at the moment, but is inputting content.
He stood in an empty virtual square, surrounded by data streams, and his fingers continued to write in the air.
In the medium-sized server, he wrote a set of God’s Great World Language System himself, which took him three nights. This was the result of using virtual reality technology and brainwave input.
With 99% proficiency in divine language and 98% proficiency in electronic countermeasures technology, he can easily complete this work.
At this time, David was importing poems, novels and other literary works from his memory into the medium-sized server. He was making preliminary preparations for cracking the cipher text books of the Great World of God.
Books in his memory were imported into the virtual world through brain waves, and virtual books appeared next to David.
David had no idea how shocking his approach was. Brainwave input was only suitable for ordinary command input. How could he directly import the books in his mind into the virtual world like him?
Brainwave input is actually a method of controlling the mind. Ordinary people can only make brainwaves make some instructions that are like commanding the body.
Just like if you need to use brain waves to draw a circle, ordinary people only need to give commands to the brain to simulate drawing by hand, and the brain waves will automatically draw a circle i