in Blue Star, is a close friend of this writer. The two are equally famous in all continents. There has always been a legend on the Internet that the south is Xianyu and the north is Chukuang.”

“Some netizens predicted.”
“We’re looking forward to that.”
“The next news is broadcast below. The famous film director Luo An was kicked out of the Dark Souls series of movies he created by his investors.”
The host speaks very quickly.
Chu Kuang was really making too much noise.
Even Zhongzhou TV couldn’t ignore it.
In front of the TV.
Ye Cong silently watched the news reports with a bitter expression.
He didn’t expect that Chu Kuang would take away his ranking so quickly.
Many friends use this title to call themselves.
Although Ye Cong may say he is humble, he is actually very proud of himself, even proud of it.
However, Ye Cong didn’t expect it.
His friend had to change his tune so quickly.
This is a global ranking!
Arrive at the front.
/Even the meaning of a ranking is completely different!
Not to mention.
This wave of Chu Kuang is like blowing his anus in front of netizens all over the world!
The wife smiled bitterly and said, “Don’t be so serious. The rankings are updated every month. It’s normal for there to be changes. Besides, isn’t your new book already on the agenda?”
Ye Cong took a deep breath: “The ranking gap between him and me shouldn’t be big. Let’s prepare to release a new book on the 10th. I want to regain the ranking!”
Shortly after.
I must announce it in front of the whole world:
“Unconsciously, the old thief has become popular all over the world!”
“When I was a fan of him, he was still writing “Ghost Blows Out the Lamp”. At that time, who could have imagined that he would reach this stage today!”
“What’s wrong with the old thief?”
“It’s a friend from Central Continent again. Many Central Continent people are paying attention to the old thief today. The old thief is Chu Kuang’s nickname. Why do we call him that? If you read a few more books about him, you will understand.”
“Hmm, would you recommend one?”
“I recommend you to watch Poirot or Zhu Xian or Sherlock Holmes or The Legend of the Condor Heroes or Yang Xiaofan and Qin Tiange. The last one is a TV series.”
“You upstairs, you must be the devil!”
“Hell is empty and the devil is here, but I want to say, well done!”
“The old thief is the devil. He actually fucked Ye Cong in front of netizens all over the world.”
“Hahahaha, it’s okay if your anus explodes, but something doesn’t sound right about this.”
“If I were Ye Cong, this matter would never be over.”
In conversation.
A piece of news suddenly popped up on the Internet:
This news was jointly released by multiple Blue Star media!
Ye Cong!
This kind of news about a new book by a top author deserves this kind of pomp!
Swish, swish, swish!
The discussion is heating up!
Netizens around the world are excited!
Good guy!
Ye Cong’s new book! ?
The smell of gunpowder comes out!
He rushed to publish a