Maybe it was because of the Blue Star merger, and at the same time Chu Kuangxianyu’s shadow was becoming more and more influential, and he always felt like he would fall off his horse at any time.
Including the chairman and Jin Mu also reminded themselves several times, saying that they should be mentally prepared.
/Lin Yuan has been mentally prepared for countless years and is no longer so panicked.
So what if society dies?
A true man should regard death as his own!
And on the side.
Listening to Lin Yuan’s seemingly unintentional words, the older sister and younger sister couldn’t help but look at each other, and their heartbeats accelerated inexplicably.
Pick it up in person?
As Chu Kuang! ?
Lin Yuan nodded.
“Write another book.”
Lin Yuan gave the same answer as his sister yesterday: “It is a relatively literary work.”
“Is it more literary?”
“Not really.”
Lin Yuan smiled and said: “It’s just when the time comes.”
Kaneki made it clear: “What you mean is that you used to write best-selling books because you relied on commercial content to attract readers. Now that your reputation has become completely famous, no matter what content you write, you have readers to read it patiently. Appeal?”
Lin Yuan nodded.
Lin Yuan has been writing best-selling books over the years, and he does not pursue the literary nature of his works too much.
Because Lin Yuan deeply knows the laws of the book market. .
Works with high literary output are often not the best-selling ones.
This is just like the box office of commercial films can never be compared to that of literary and artistic films.
With the goal of making money, of course he will not write any earthly literary masterpieces.
Although these literary masterpieces are all excellent and can even help Chu Kuang gain an important position in the literary world, but what about making money?
It has to be business literature.
Didn’t you see how much money the Harry Potter series made Chu Kuang?
But this does not mean that Lin Yuan has opinions on those literary masterpieces.
Lin Yuan’s idea is actually very pure.
Literary masterpieces must be written.
But before that, he had to use those best-selling books to build Chu Kuang’s reputation.
When Chu Kuang becomes famous and earns enough money, he will write some literary works.
At that time, even if readers don’t have the patience to read works with a higher literary quality, many people will buy it because of the pen name.
This is what is called “It’s time”
No matter what book Chu Kuang writes, there will always be tens of thousands of readers willing to pay for it!
under such circumstances.
The literary works written by Chu Kuang are definitely better-selling than any other literary works by Blue Star!
Many of the works with strong literary nature are within one million words.
In Lin Yuan’s opinion, novels with less than two million words are not even considered to be novels.
What is a novel?
At least three million or more.
Obviously, Lin Yuan’s concept of novel length is