“Justice” Audrey immediately stood up and saluted.

Others were not much slower, including Cattleya the Hermit.
Returning to reality, “Star Admiral” Cattleya looked at the broken astrology device on the desk and carefully thought about what happened at the party just now.
Some details made her believe that Tarot involves a lot and is by no means simple, and Mr. Fool, who is hidden deep in the gray fog, is just like the existence watching the world behind the heavy shadow curtain, which is difficult to see clearly and difficult to guess. I don’t know what they are planning.
Cattleya was silent for more than ten seconds, took out a pen and paper, and wrote thoughtfully:
“Someone has been consciously collecting the emperor’s diary recently.”
She didn’t dare to mention the Tarot Club in her letter, didn’t dare to reveal any information, and was afraid of being punished by Mr. Fool. She could only give reminders based on things where signs could be found in normal situations.
After writing and folding it, she took out a delicate harmonica made of gold that she carried with her, put it to her lips, and blew a sound.
In just a few blinks, she saw that the letter had mysteriously disappeared.
Even though she wasn’t wearing glasses, she couldn’t notice the arrival of the messenger.
Hugadeliya breathed out softly, touched her forehead with her hand, and said silently:
“It’s really stressful to be at a party under the watchful eye of a god.”
“With the Star Admiral joining us, a fool like me is under great pressure.” Klein rubbed his forehead on the gray mist and returned directly to the real world.
/He was going to experiment with the inspiration he got from Miss Justice’s exploration of dreams.
After a lot of work, Klein opened the locked bedroom door and looked into the living room. He saw Daniz lying on the easy chair, sleeping soundly.
Although he had heard the sound a long time ago, Klein couldn’t help but cursed:
“It’s about 3 p.m. now
“Could it be that after no longer having to monitor the radio receiver, this guy completely let himself go?”
After thinking about it, he gradually smiled, feeling that this suited his needs.
The premise for him to stay awake in the dream is that someone invades his consciousness. When he dreams normally, he is still confused. In other words, he cannot conduct experiments by himself. After all, he does not know “psychological suggestion”.
Therefore, his plan is to use external abilities to enter other people’s dreams, so that he can stay awake, just like a nightmare.
His original plan was to go out and look for a suitable partner, but now Daniz’s posture was so good that people couldn’t help but want to kick him.
No, give it a try. Klein corrected his previous thoughts in his mind.
He thought about it and did not use the “Dream Spell” because the ancient name of the Sequence 7 “Pyromancer” was “Fire Mage”, and Daniz’s inspiration was not low. Once the opening spell that can leverage the power of nature is uttered in a low voice, he will inevitably wake up.
As for wh