Disease Lieutenant General” Tracy, etc., and mentioned He completed an infiltration himself. Although the assassination failed, he left behind props that could be used to determine the location of the Black Death.

Of course, he hid the details of how he infiltrated. He only roughly restored the fighting skills and style of “Lieutenant General Disease” Tracy.
When the messenger was able to slap the human hand and catch the letter, Klein coughed, cleared his throat and said:
“I already have my own messenger.”
The dark flames in the bone messenger’s eye sockets visibly jumped twice, and his body suddenly disintegrated, falling like a waterfall, and penetrated into the wooden floor.
Now you don’t need to be afraid of becoming my messenger, right? Am I so annoying to you? Well, it should be that these messengers from the underworld are reluctant to let go of Mr. Azik. After all, he is a direct descendant of the God of Death. Maybe they have not separated generations. I understand that just as Klein was about to pack up and check out, his nose suddenly felt itchy and he sneezed.
Sneezing, sneezing, coughing, coughing
His nose was runny and he was coughing, and his forehead was slowly but surely getting hot.
Unfortunately, the disease of “Lieutenant General of Disease” still remained in my body, and I rushed back to Bayam with a cold wind of about 10 degrees Celsius. Now I was really sick. Klein blew his nose with low-quality toilet paper, wondering if he should summon himself. , move in the spiritual state and let the physical body heal on its own.
After serious consideration, he believed that this was not feasible. First, the physical state would obviously affect the spiritual state, and there was a close and strange connection between the two. Second, if left alone, the physical condition would inevitably deteriorate.
He was a bit confused because of the fever. Klein touched his forehead and prepared to go back to the “Azure Wind” hotel to meet Daniz first, and then consider whether to go to the hospital or clinic to buy some medicine.
Silver City, Berg family.
Derrick finally got the fruit of the Glorious Spirit Pact Tree promised by Ms. “The Hermit” and prepared the “Sun Priest” potion.
/It was golden in color and had a scalding temperature. When Derrick drank it, his throat felt like it was burning.
His eyes suddenly brightened, getting brighter and brighter, as if there were two miniature suns hidden in them.
His body surface bloomed with clear radiance in circles, and black patches visible to the naked eye were highlighted on the exposed skin.
At the same time, his hairs were growing longer and seemed to turn into feathers wrapped with golden flames.
Derrick knew that when taking the potion in Sequence 7, there would be similar changes. There was no fear or panic. He gritted his teeth and repeatedly recalled the pain of killing his parents with his own hands and the pain from the depths of his heart after meeting Mr. Fool. The burst of hope persevered in a situation that was on the verge of losing c