ready to open at night. The young man knocked on the door, and the door opened a crack. After seeing a few of us, he let us in.

ready to open at night. The young man knocked on the door, and the door opened a crack. After seeing a few of us, he let us in.
As soon as I entered the door, I saw Brother Jun sitting on the sofa, his hands wrapped in gauze, as if he was injured.
“Brother Jun, people are here.” The young man shouted.
Brother Jun looked up at the three of us and said, “I’m here to ask for your help.”
“You’re asking for our help?”
Neither the fat man nor I expected it. He can be considered a ruthless person in this area, and he can ask us for anything.
Brother Jun lit a cigarette and raised his arm. Although it was bandaged, the red blood could still be seen on his arm. While smoking, he said: “I look after the venue for others. If I take other people’s money, I have to settle things for them. Our disco has been targeted by something recently, and there are groups of wild dogs every day.” Wandering around, business has deteriorated a lot. Many customers were bitten. I killed a few last night, and there was another group this morning. And one of them was a big thief.
” I was slightly excited and asked hurriedly: “Does it look like a pony? Have you seen it clearly? What is that thing?”
“It’s not that big, but it’s just like a wolf. I even doubt it. That guy is a wolf. He stands about as high as my chest. He has a very strong body and a scar on his forehead.
Could it be that the wound on my arm was caused by it? Isn’t what Brother Jun said the same thing as what we saw? I can confirm that the black shadow I saw at that time was definitely as tall as a pony, and there was no way I could have miscalculated.
/“Brother Jun, why are you looking for us? We are just ordinary people.”
I touched my head. asked pretending to be stupid.
He glanced at me and smiled: “You don’t have to hide your identity anymore. I also thought about doing your job in the past, but then I felt it was dangerous. Too much sex. Plus you have a girlfriend, so you settle down to look after people. You are dealing with ghosts.”
This guy’s eyes are really poisonous! I have heard in the past that some policemen catch too many thieves and can tell if they are thieves just by looking at people on the roadside. This thing about eyesight can be really ruthless sometimes.
“You can see it. Have our identities been exposed?”
I asked doubtfully.
“You are not a soldier, but you can get a three-pointed thorn and carry it with you. I have observed you and you have some strange things on you. Some of them are like charms. But the main thing is that you have It’s a strange feeling, not very strong, like a newbie in the industry, right?”
Brother Jun said it more generally. Since our identities have been revealed, there is no need to continue to hide it. He admitted it openly. Brother Jun’s intention in asking us was simple. He hoped that we could help find out the reasons for these strange things happening near the disco. I didn’t agree immediately, I just said I would check out the situation nearby. Wait until you have a clear idea, then explain to him.