i to modulate the mother shrimp gene.

However, after communicating with Xiasan, Wei Xiaobei got a piece of news that made him frown.
The news is that a war broke out on the territory of a demon king sixty nautical miles away from here!
In particular, they are much smaller than those water monsters. As long as they do not gather in groups, it is difficult to attract the attention of other water monsters.
Therefore, under the command of Xiasi San, many Demon Eater Shrimps often dispersed to act as scouts and spy on the nearby situation.
Of course, only Xiasan could do this method.
For example, the white mist shrimp mother has low intelligence and almost no intelligence. The white mist demon shrimps under her command can only do one thing, eat, eat, eat! It is completely impossible for them to do this kind of thing.
Well, back to the topic, that demon king is a swordfish demon. In terms of combat power, he is quite tough. There are not many water demons under his command, only five or six hundred swordfish demons, but that’s it. With a little force, the demon kings around him did not dare to start a fight easily, which shows how powerful this water demon is.
It is said that the battle that broke out with the swordfish demon king was a crab demon, and this crab demon fought against the swordfish demon king and all his men!
Although the crab demon escaped in embarrassment in the end, it also caused great damage to the territory of the swordfish demon king.
The crab demon alone is so powerful! And Xiasi San has never heard of the other party’s name at all!
You know, Xiasi San was not very well-informed before, but after transforming into a shrimp mother, there were so many demon-eating shrimps snooping around for information. He was the right one to find the name of the demon king within hundreds of miles.
When Wei Xiaobei heard the news from Xiasan, his heart skipped a beat inexplicably.
With Wei Xiaobei’s current strength, such warning signs rarely appear anymore.
/It is only possible when facing extremely powerful enemies.
As a result, Wei Xiaobei pondered the identity of the crab demon for a long time.
After thinking hard to no avail, Wei Xiaobei decided to visit the swordfish demon’s territory.
Regarding Wei Xiaobei’s decision, Xia San was a little worried. After all, in Xia San’s opinion, the Swordfish Demon King was really powerful, and it was said that he was extremely fast!
There was no way that Wei Xiaobei would give up on this matter just because of Xiasan’s worries. If he didn’t go there to take a look, he felt really uneasy.
Xia San could not dissuade him, so he had to ask the Demon Eater Xia along the way to show Wei Xiaobei the way.
The seabed was so vast and the terrain was complex and changeable. It was hard for Wei Xiaobei to find the place without going to the wrong place.
The number of demon shrimps scattered by this shrimp was quite large. There were only 15 million demon shrimps near its territory, and the remaining five million demon shrimps were scattered out.
Therefore, wherev