n Yuwen’s momentum, he felt even more insurmountable.

Wei Xiaobei has no plans to teach his skills to Tian Yuwen for the time being. After all, Tian Yuwen is still only a registered disciple. If he passes the inspection period and becomes a formal disciple, Wei Xiaobei will naturally not begrudge those evolutionary points.
/But now, the proficient Liuhe sword technique and the Qinglong sword are enough for Tian Yuwen to practice in this area.
With these two things, Tian Yuwen’s terrifying two-star biological level can compete with three-star ordinary monsters. If you seize the opportunity well, killing three-star ordinary monsters is not a problem.
After Tian Yuwen put away his sword, Wei Xiaobei asked everyone to leave.
Regarding Wei Xiaobei’s words, no one present dared to resist. However, Cheng Dalong was a little worried that he would be attacked by those members of the Gray and White Gang after he went out, so he simply followed Zeng Wanshui.
/Thinking about it, with Zeng Wanshui as a shield, he would be much safer.
As soon as everyone left, Wei Xiaobei and Tian Yuwen were alone, and they just took out some potions, barbecue and other food.
These things are undoubtedly treasures for Tian Yuwen.
I have to say that having a master and not having a master are two completely different levels of treatment.
Until Wei Xiaobei left, Tian Yuwen felt lucky for his move to become a disciple.
Of course, Wei Xiaobei also arranged some things for Tian Yuwen.
The first thing is to let Tian Yuwen move out of the mysterious cabin.
This is very important. Wei Xiaobei doesn’t want to find this registered disciple hanging in the mysterious hut the next time he comes in.
At first, Tian Yuwen was still a little confused, but when Wei Xiaobei explained his experience in the mysterious cabin, Tian Yuwen suddenly broke out in a cold sweat on his back.
A strange existence that even a powerful being like Master can’t deal with. If I still live in it every day, isn’t it looking for death?
In addition to the matter in the mysterious house, Wei Xiaobei also asked Tian Yuwen to collect as many people as possible, and of course, he must also pay appropriate attention to the selection of characters.
Wei Xiaobei planned to use the Gray and White Gang as a primary training base. The security company’s real-life training base and ordinary students would also be merged into the Gray and White Gang.
Wei Xingwu and Tian Yuwen respectively manage the affairs of the Gray and White Gang in reality and the gray world. Generally speaking, Wei Xingwu is the main leader and Tian Yuwen is the supplementary one.
After all, in terms of management, Wei Xingwu has much more experience than Tian Yuwen.
Tian Yuwen can learn something from Wei Xingwu.
As for Zeng Wanshui, he temporarily became Tian Yuwen’s think tank in the gray world.
After making some arrangements for Tian Yuwen’s affairs, Wei Xiaobei had people bring back the Yang siblings and Cheng Dalong.
Being called over by the Gray and White Gang, the Yang siblings and Cheng Dalong were