side and enters the Ren meridian.

In this way, the qi that initially rushes out of the Dantian continues to differentiate, and each travels between the twelve main meridians and the eight extraordinary meridians. The qi that encounters each other during the period merge with each other, and differentiate again when they reach the bifurcation.
After the Ju Gu, Qing Ming and other acupuncture points were finally penetrated, all the twelve main meridians and eight extraordinary meridians in Wei Xiaobei’s body were unobstructed.
It starts from the Dantian, travels through the major meridians, and finally returns to the Dantian, forming a great circle.
After three weeks of operation, Wei Xiaobei vaguely noticed that the pain in his body dissipated, and then his consciousness came up to stop the exercise.
By this time, Wei Xiaobei discovered that his height had not grown much, only about ten centimeters, from over 1.9 meters to 2.05 meters. However, his size had expanded by more than 50% compared to before. With a slight movement of his body, his muscles rise and fall, making him three times stronger than the Terminator played by Schwarzenegger.
/And these muscles are what are called active muscles in martial arts and are extremely explosive.
The newly added ability is called body crushing.
Size crushing: When attacking, the damage received by any creature smaller than itself will be increased due to the difference in size, with a minimum increase of 30% and a maximum increase of 100%!
This is a rather special ability.
To put it simply, he bullies people based on his size.
/It’s like a fight between an elephant and a leopard. If the leopard hits the elephant, dozens of hits will have little effect, but just one hit from the elephant can kill the leopard.
Of course, for Wei Xiaobei, crushing him with this body type was a bit useless.
After all, in the gray world, there are too many monsters bigger than me.
But no matter what, if this ability is used properly, its killing effect is still very obvious.
The only thing that made Wei Xiaobei a little embarrassed was that due to the swelling of his muscles and his height, all the clothes and trousers on his body were torn, and he was completely unwearable after having sex.
Fortunately, although those shady people never spoke, they had eyes and quickly brought out a set of extremely simple clothes.
Well, it was said to be simple, but in fact it was ancient clothes. Wei Xiaobei didn’t care about that much at this time, so it would be nice to have something to wear.
After Wei Xiaobei changed his clothes, the landowner also returned to the lobby, served some tea again, and started chatting with Wei Xiaobei.
Of course, the tea that was presented again was not Nafu tea, it was just ordinary tea.
Compared to the Paddle Wheel Messenger, this Earth Lord may be on his own, rarely seen in person, and has less scruples in his words.
Wei Xiaobei was able to get some answers to most of the questions he asked, which made Wei Xiaobei a little ecstatic.
But what makes Wei Xia