ble thing continued to gather on his body, gradually, many things that he had not understood before were naturally understood in a very short period of time, and with the condensation and accumulation of luck, this luck It has not only condensed on his body, but also spread to hundreds of kilometers in a radius, almost covering the entire city of Beijing, especially the human city, which was the original city of the werewolf Wang Ting. His luck is getting stronger and stronger, almost rivaling about half of his luck.

As far as he is concerned, as this luck gathers and accumulates, the first thing he understands is the thunder and lightning runes in his body. This is not a simple rune, but a collection of infinitely small runes. A huge thunder and lightning rune was formed together. Now his mental power was strong enough to observe the thunder and lightning rune very carefully. Sure enough, he saw that in this thunder and lightning rune, densely packed infinite runes were condensed together. , thus forming a huge total rune. Although he did not know the use of these densely packed runes in a short period of time, it was very obvious that this total thunder and lightning rune would never be like what he had done before. As simple as you imagine, he is not just a thunder and lightning generator. His silver thunder and lightning does not come from the total thunder and lightning runes but from the depths of his sea of ??consciousness and the depths of his soul.
Yes, in addition to his understanding of the general runes of thunder and lightning, another more important understanding is the silver lightning current. With the accumulation of luck, his understanding of this silver lightning current is getting more and more. Although this is just a guess so far, if he guesses correctly, then this silver lightning current is probably the light of his soul! Just like Gong Yeyu’s domineering purple lightning and clear light, his silver lightning current is probably the light of the soul that can only be used by the intermediate Demon King!
/Not only that, he even felt the existence of the purple light that Gong Yeyu stuffed into his soul body at that time. This purple light was condensed in the deepest part of his soul body, in the center of the sea of ??consciousness and spirit. Only when he relied on his luck He could feel it, but what surprised him was that his silver lightning current could actually absorb a tiny bit of purple light, giving his silver lightning current the slightest bit of devouring power, so he could solve it so easily just now. After removing the self-destruction of the old turtle, at this moment he divided a small amount of silver lightning current and entered the souls of the two alien souls. The condensed runes were exactly a few of the runes he had analyzed from the total thunder and lightning runes. One of the runes, and the meaning of this rune is contract!
Yes, these two souls have already reached a contract with him because of their previous non-resistance. As long as they have the slightest idea