te, each wearing a Japanese Tengu mask on their face.”

Wang Chaoyang asked curiously: “Tengu mask?”
“Yes, yes, that’s the kind of scary Tengu mask. Everyone is holding a machine in their hands. The two people who rushed into the door first, beat them to death.” Manager Ling pointed to the lobby manager. And the humanoid figure of the common people next to the door said vividly.
/President Ling continued: “After beating two people to death, one of the gangsters shouted in a very deep voice, ‘Everyone get down and don’t move. Whoever moves will be beaten to death.”
Zhang Feng asked: “Did you clearly see their size at that time?”
President Ling said awkwardly: “I was too scared at the time and didn’t dare to look more. But after taking a quick glance, I saw they were all over 1.7 meters tall. They should all be men.”
Lin Xingchen said: “President Ling, please continue, what happened next?”
Manager Ling said: “Then the man who spoke first said, ‘Second and Third, keep the guard, while Fourth and Fifth come into the counter with me.'”
Wang Chaoyang walked to the counter, touched the bullet-proof glass full of bullet holes, and said, “They also fired up here? I think they wanted to threaten the staff inside the counter.”
President Ling said: “Yes, they opened the glass a few more times and shouted to the staff inside, ‘Open the security door, otherwise everyone outside will die.’ Just imagine, the staff inside are all little girls. Not daring to go against the wishes of these vicious gangsters, they immediately opened the security door, and the gangsters rushed in and stole more than 60 million in cash. After about ten minutes, they came out and left. I saw it myself. That’s all there is to it, for other specific details, I will show you the bank’s internal surveillance video later.”
Lin Xingchen asked a question at this time: “President Ling, can you tell me why your bank had 60 million yesterday and who it was prepared for?”
President Ling said with shame: “It’s the 60 million cash that Luo Yang, the boss of Sino-Ocean Group, reserved a few days ago. I don’t know what he wants to do? But since he has made an appointment to pick it up, we can only prepare it. There is really no way Thinking about it, I happened to be robbed that day, and now I lost 60 million in vain. However, the customer’s money is the customer’s money after all, and the 60 million will still be prepared for the customer. The 60 million that was robbed, we I can only admit it.”
Wang Chaoyang also asked: “So, how many people in your bank know that there will be 60 million in cash yesterday?”
President Ling thought for a moment and replied: “Anyone who has access to the cash business should know it. Wait, Captain Wang, what do you mean?” President Ling seemed to suddenly understand something.
5. The mysterious man
Wang Chaoyang said: “Yes, I do suspect that you have accomplices of the robbers.”
President Ling was taken aback. He said in surprise: “It’s impossible. It’s impossible for our bank staff to do such a thing.”
Wang Chaoyang