ng Bohu Spots Autumn Fragrance” in his private capacity, he had a somewhat complicated mood.

Everyone thought that the company would lose money by making this movie.
But as Lin Yuan paid for it himself, the movie actually achieved a balance of no loss and no profit in an almost weird way?
In the end, only Lin Yuan lost.
At least as far as the company is concerned, there is no loss or profit.
Because if you have to say it, the small loss is actually not worth mentioning.
After all, everyone was told that the reason why this drama was filmed was to accompany Lin, the prince, to study.
Representative Lin had fun. If he loses this money, he will lose it.
It’s nothing more than letting the prince take the money and have fun.
Representative Lin did not use the company’s money to waste money.
In the end, he spent his own money to make a living.
At this moment, Shen Qing suddenly admired Lin Yuan.
The company paid for Lin Yuan’s willfulness, but Lin Yuan actually paid for the company’s indulgence again.
It can be seen that Lin Yuan is very principled!
So when she heard that Lin Yuan wanted to help contact a video website suitable for broadcasting “Tang Bohu Spots Autumn Fragrance”, Shen Qing agreed.
/Representative Lin is a good person!
Although he is not suitable to be a screenwriter, as a producer, he should do his best to help Representative Lin recover his money.
Invest tens of millions
It is definitely impossible to get all the money back.
But if you can get a little bit of one or two million back, it shouldn’t be a big problem, right?
Shen Qing has also watched a lot of big online movies.
Some online movies that Shen Qing thinks are simply rubbish can still attract some viewers, which shows that the threshold for this stuff is really low.
Although “Tang Bo Hu Spots Autumn Fragrance” was not very good, Shen Qing at least had fun during the filming process.
He felt that although some of the laughs in this movie were strange, they actually had an indescribable magical quality that made people laugh along, which was much better than those rubbish.
Think of this.
Shen Qing called a friend who worked at a video website and talked about “Tang Bohu Spots Qiuxiang”.
at the same time.
/The company’s film division.
Everyone also knows that Xianyu bought “Tang Bohu Spots Autumn Fragrance” by himself, and for a while he felt similar to Shen Qing.
“In the end, did you pay for it yourself?”
“It’s like a person clamoring for someone else to treat him, but the other person suppressed his heartache and ordered a large table of hard dishes. In the end, he paid the bill himself after the meal. Maybe it’s not an appropriate description, but it kind of means that.”
“We shouldn’t have said that about him before.”
“Yes, I just want to have fun, just to feel fresh. To be fair, the interest suddenly came. Who hasn’t wanted to have fun?”
“Why do I feel like what you said is a temporary excuse you made up after your big health care was caught by the anti-pornography campaign last week?”
“Nonsense, I wasn’t caught.”