than usual, gradually shortening the distance between me and Shi Bing.

than usual, gradually shortening the distance between me and Shi Bing.
He seemed to have discovered my plan and slowly backed away, but the cold energy chasing me immediately slowed down as soon as he made a slight movement, so he had to stop his moving body and concentrate on controlling the cold air.
“Although I don’t know why you want to kill me, I don’t want to give up my life here. I’m sorry!”
I rushed to a place ten meters in front of Shi Bing, shouted, raised my fist and rushed over, Shi Bing’s expression changed. But it didn’t change, the moment I approached him. Suddenly a wall of ice and snow rose up between me and him.
I saw the ice wall condensing faster and faster. I punched it and the ice wall shook violently, but it did not break. His cold face could be seen through the blurred ice. The cold air behind me slowly followed, the road ahead was blocked, but behind me was a dead end!
I cursed and took a few steps back. Take a deep breath and look at the fire burning on your arm.
“If you really have the same mind as me, then you should be my help now. We can’t die here. We need to burn more vigorously. Even if we can’t become a flame that destroys the world, at least let the world see our Look like this. This wall can’t stop you, let alone me. We can’t fall because of this!”
The clenched fist, the red flame, the fighting spirit that will not be extinguished until the end of the world.
Determining not to die here is not a thought, but a belief.
The faith that must live on!
I roared wildly, raising my fists high, letting the heavens witness my fists and the never-extinguishing flames on them. Shi Bing, who was behind the ice, saw me rushing towards me like a mad cow for the second time, and his expression became even more solemn. The cold air is behind me, life and death can only last a moment!
“Come on!”
/Jumping up high, I heard Shi Bing say indifferently: “My ice layer is fifteen centimeters thick. You can’t break it with this punch no matter what. Save it!”
“What if you don’t try it ? Do you know?”
The moment I jumped up, my heart felt like a bird flying freely. I punched hard, and the flames fell on the surface of the ice and were quickly blocked by the ice.
“I’ve said it before. You can’t beat me! Since you have never practiced, have no desire to help us in Institute 507, and are not a gifted person, there is no reason for us to sacrifice our lives for you. Useless people are You should die early. This is the law of this world!”
Shi Bing said coldly.
I landed, the ice was still behind me, I took a step back and shouted: “This is why you want to kill me, because I am useless, because I am dragging you down, right?”.
/“This world is very realistic. Those who are useless should die, while those who are useful should enjoy a good life. This is an unchanging rule of society. You are a worthless person who is not even qualified to live! Leader I value you but he is wrong. I will take action for him and pray that he will be useful in the next life.”
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