d vast divine power filled the world in an instant.

All the immortals looked up one after another, and saw the immortal spiritual light covering the world exuding holy brilliance, coming from the other end of the sky and sea, flowing through in a mighty manner, and heading straight to the earthly immortal world.
In addition, they also heard bursts of bells coming from the spiritual light, and even heard the roar of dragons, which was very strange.
“The Ancestral God! It’s the Ancestral God!”
On that ship, a dark figure shouted excitedly, “I said that the Ancestral Gods control the way of heaven on earth, and they can definitely come back, right? You just don’t believe it! Now, the Ancestral Gods are running ahead of us!”
The other two people on the boat looked dull, and their previous joyful energy was gone.
The ancestor god passed by, the movement was too great, and the light shone, lighting up the earthly fairy world. However, the speed of the ancestor god was too fast. He passed by in a flash and soon disappeared without a trace.
An immortal general shouted loudly: “Whoever comes, tell me your name!”
Before he finished speaking, his body suddenly exploded and his soul shattered.
The Supreme Immortal Emperor looked gloomy, standing on the bow of the ship. As far as he could see, the bodies of the immortal soldiers and generals guarding the ferry exploded one after another, their souls collapsed, and in an instant, thousands of defenders on the entire ferry were killed or injured.
Only some immortals who were sitting in the ferry camp were not seen by the Immortal Emperor and were still alive for the time being. They heard the screams outside and soon became calm. They couldn’t help but tremble and hid, not daring to show up. .
Some who were not afraid of death flew out of the camp and fled, but as soon as they took off, they were caught by the Immortal Emperor’s gaze, exploded with a bang, and died unexpectedly!
“Mingzun, what are you doing?” Taoist Yuji asked, shocked and angry.
The Supreme Immortal Emperor thought, and the vitality in the sky shook, turning into a big hand and falling from the sky, crushing the Immortal family’s camp!
He slowly raised his hand and saw a stream of immortal true spirits flying, and then he was attracted by the underworld and headed towards the underworld.
“What I did was just to protect us.”
The Supreme Immortal Emperor glanced at Taoist Yuji and said, “The three of us have not recovered from our injuries. If we fall into their eyes, the enemy will take advantage of us and take our lives. I have been away from Immortal Court for more than a year, and I am afraid that Immortal Court will Changes occur and we must proceed with caution.”
Taoist Yuji sneered: “There’s no need to kill them, tyrant!”
The Heavenly Lord of Creation said leisurely, “After all, we came out of a place of exile such as the Black Realm of the Universe, and entered and exited the cesspit of the Universe nine times, falling into their eyes and damaging our image. It is necessary